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Florida Man Sparks Outrage After Being Caught On Video Repeatedly Punching His Dog

Stacey Rybak/Facebook

WARNING: article contains description and video of animal cruelty

A viral video of a Florida man repeatedly punching his dog resulted in the animal being removed from his custody.

Stacey Rybak—a photographer who witnessed the act of animal cruelty—managed to capture the abuse on her cellphone.

She was walking her dog on Sunday when she first noticed what she thought was a lost dog run up to her gate in her neighborhood.

“The dog was jumping up, wanting to come in,” she told FOX 19.

Moments later, she saw a man pull up in a car and call out the dog’s name.

What Rybak saw next distressed her.

“The owner got down and grabbed the harness and just started beating the dog.”

“I still have a hard time talking about it.”

According to the Daily Dot, Rybak donates her time taking photos of dogs struggling to find homes. The animal lover found the man’s actions extremely disturbing.

In the video, the owner reached down and punched the dog several times.

Rybak posted the video on her Facebook page. 

She explained in the caption what she initially planned to do after seeing the wayward dog on the other side of the gate.

“Was about to go get a leash so I could try to locate her owner but before I could a car pulled up and a guy gets out and starts calling her.”

“The dog was reluctant to go to the man, now I know why!”

You can see Rybak’s post here:

After posting the video, Rybak contacted Boynton Beach police, who turned the case over to the department’s animal cruelty investigator, Liz Roehrich.

Thanks to the viral video, investigators were able to track down the owner after a neighbor recognized him.

Roehrich was able to seize the dog from the owner for a veterinary examination.

The department said that “Adi, short for Addison, a two-year-old female Pit-Lab mix” will remain in custody at the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control for the duration of the investigation.

Roehrich said:

“I will do my absolute best to pursue justice for this innocent animal. We will always investigate acts of animal abuse and neglect in the city.”

People were furious over the owner’s attack on the defenseless animal.

Stacey Rybak/Facebook
Stacey Rybak/Facebook
Stacey Rybak/Facebook
Stacey Rybak/Facebook
Stacey Rybak/Facebook

The dog’s owner remains unidentified as he is currently not facing charges.

The investigator’s welfare check at the owner’s home to “ensure the safety of his other animals” revealed he has two other dogs—ages 11 and 13—that appeared to be “well taken care of.”

At this time, Adi is not listed as an adoptable pet.

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