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Florida Man Unloads Unhinged Racist Rant On Black Woman Over Her Support Of Black Lives Matter


A video showing a White man mocking and screaming racial slurs at a Black woman in Florida has left people on social media appalled and angry, with some calling it a hate crime.

The video was captured by the Black woman, who goes by the Twitter handle @mishou_charelus, and appears to have been in response to her support for Black Lives Matter.

WARNING: video contains NSFW language

The incident occurred in Naples, Florida. As her caption states, the Black woman had just exited a highway and gotten into the South Florida city when the incident happened.

The video shows a white man, waiting at a red light beside her, screaming out his car window in a mocking way, as if cheering at a sports game.

He then picks up a pen and paper and instructs her to place a value on her life.

“Tell me how much your life matters.”

When the woman protests, the man unleashes a torrent of horrifying racial abuse. First, he says something about her “black ni**er face” before screaming:

“Fu*k you ni**er! That’s how much your life matters! NOTHING! Fu*k you ni**er! Did you hear me? Fu*k you ni**er.”

Perhaps because the woman refuses to engage with him, the man continues, this time taking a more juvenile but no less appalling tack that included what could be construed as a physical threat.

“Take the video, put it on Facebook, and then lick my as*hole while I sh*t on your ni**er-loving face! Fu*k you ni**er! Whew!”

The man then cheers again as if he’s at a sporting event.

The woman’s encounter may not be the first incident of racist attacks coming from this individual. In response to the woman’s video, another Twitter user tweeted a photograph someone they claimed was the same man who’d launched a similar racist attack earlier this month who they claimed was the same man.

Others on Twitter mobilized to try to figure out the man’s identity.



While some applauded the woman who filmed the video for somehow keeping calm during the encounter.


And across the board, people were appalled by the man’s display, which some pointed out may be a hate crime.

And several had words of support for the victim.

On Reddit, where the video appeared in the PublicFreakout subReddit, people had some choice words for the man who attacked the woman.

“Just completely at a loss for how much of a shi*stain this moron is. I’m sure his world and life are both as utterly worthless as his duct-taped passenger window. I hope he runs his ass into a brick wall” —FinnsterBaby

“this is the type of dude that gets quiet and shrinks quick when a man is anywhere near him” —soakratikmethod

“He reminds me of a shivering, barking chihuahua” —welcometoindia

“Wow, what a fucking piece of shit.” —joeyg334

The man has yet to be identified as of this writing.

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