Florida Woman Charged After Being Caught Peeing And Spitting In Neighboring Store’s Ice Cream

Pinellas County Jail; Irina Marwan/Getty Images

Is there something in the air right now? What is with this summer and problems with ice cream?

Jung Soon Wypcha was caught tampering with the ice cream sold by Lu Lu’s Ice Cream store. Wypcha runs the next-door business, Indian Shores Food Mart.

According to court documents, surveillance footage shows Wypcha contaminating the ice cream in several ways. She would often use the shared bathroom for the two businesses in the month of June, leaving the door open and not washing her hands.

She would then sneak into Lu Lu’s and stick her hands in the ice cream. On another occasion, footage showed her picking her nose and sticking it in the ice cream. And there’s always the old stand-by of just spitting in the ice cream.

The most impressive? charge is that Wypcha peed into the ice cream churning machine, then emptied it into a sink, where workers would normally rinse out equipment and bowls.

That is some dedication to disgustingly destroying another store’s product.

All her actions have caused Lu Lu’s to discard $2000 worth of ice cream, in the interest of public safety.

According to store owner, Paul Chiulli, the shop had to close for five days while they straightened things out. It reopened at the start of the month.

He said:

“I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular.”

His wife, Beth Skeen was confused about the motive.

“We thought they were our friends. How does someone do that and why?”

She told local Fox 13:

“This is our home, our life. We don’t have anything else. This is it.”

We have to ask, is there something in the water down there in Florida?

While it might be super easy to pick on Florida considering everything that happens there, it’s not just the infamous state where these things are happening.

A few weeks ago, a video went viral on Twitter depicting a girl in Texas opening a container of ice cream, licking it and putting it back in the freezer. The teen in the video was identified and her case turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to be handled.

Last week, a Louisiana man tried to copy the stunt, and was arrested. His attempt was a proven hoax, as he had actually purchased the ice cream, but he was still arrested for criminal mischief.

Can we please leave ice cream alone?

Wypcha was arrested and is currently out on bond. She has declined comments to multiple outlets.

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