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Woman Called Out For Helping Friend Finance Home Baking Business But Not Spouse’s Investment Venture

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Here in 2022, it’s more common for people to want to continue working from home after the last couple of years, even if it means leaving their current jobs in search of something new.

For some, that means starting their own business or looking for a way to make more money, according to the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit.

Redditor ThrowawayMaximillan thought he had stumbled upon an opportunity to invest and see an admirable return on investment.

When his wife didn’t want to give him more money than she already had, the Original Poster (OP) was frustrated.

He asked the sub:

“AITA for calling out my wife after she helped to finance her friend’s home bakery but not my investment venture?”

The OP felt pretty blah at his current place of work.

“I work from home as a customer service representative for a bank. It’s ot that impressive and I also don’t make that much.”

“My wife is the one that pays bills in the household (she makes 4x more than me per year), and she also additionally supports me if I am in need of finances.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for that, and I try to give back to her in other non-financial ways.”

“Although my current job is ‘easy money,’ I find it to be mundane and the job scope is also limited.”

The OP found himself interested in a career change.

“I have really wanted to started up my own business for a long time.”

“However, my plans have diverted as of now, and I have been inquiring into the realm of investment and am trying to take classes to make fruitful investment decisions.”

“The classes I am attending, however, provides a beginner package, which albeit a bit pricey (4500+), comes with extensive guidance and access to their premium app where they themselves meticulously choose trending business ventures and initiatives that I can invest in. So basically, they do the hard part of me. The price is also counting the swift and unhindered advice of experts.”

The OP’s wife was hesitant when she heard about the opportunity.

“I mentioned this to my wife, and she seemed reluctant and thought they were scamming me even though I have shown her their accreditations and reviews.”

“She also asked me to look at cheaper trading platforms (and yes I am aware they exist) but the thing is with Robo advisors, the portfolios are often low-risk and it takes longer to get a return on my investment.”

“For this, the company themselves guide the investors through carefully selected high return investments.”

“My wife said she needed to ‘think about it’ and never really got back to me, even though it has been a month.”

In the meantime, his wife invested in another business.

“However, her friend has started her own home baking business selling confectionery and cakes and whatnot, and my wife had no problem giving her 3000 bucks as seed money for the business.”

“That is what made me feel excluded and annoyed.”

“When I confronted my wife, she told me that she is concerned about me investing so much money and for her the risk is what seems to halt her.”

The OP’s wife called him out on his investment request.

“This is where I might be the a**hole, as I called her out and said how come she is not worried about her friend’s home business failing.”

“She angrily retorted back with ‘that is out of goodwill and support for her friend.'”

“I asked why she can’t give me the same in the name of ‘goodwill.'”

“Then she started laying out the whole list on how she has helped me and that I am overanalyzing this one situation.”

“We are still tense from the ordeal, which is why I need impartial judgement, even if it is from a singular event.”

“Is what she did not unfair, or at the very least she could have rejected it directly rather than kept me waiting?”


Fellow Redditors weighed in:

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Some were getting serious gold digger vibes from the OP.

“OP, you are bringing gold digger vibes. Are you with your wife for love or for the money she makes and the fact she supports you in all ways?”

“Plus, if your wife pays for it all, save your money. Even if you’re working at minimum wage, you will have enough after 2/3 months, depending on where you are.”

“Go and apologize to your wife, and for the love of god, I hope she made you sign a prenup.” – -Whitequeen

“OP wants to ‘invest’ in an obvious get rich quick scheme with his wife’s money.”

“The worst part of this is he has his own full-time job, his wife apparently covers all the bills and gives him ‘assistance,’ yet he does not even have 4K in the bank.”

“Does he have some sort of cocaine problem? Where is *his* money going?” – Accomplished-Bear193

“His line about the other investing ‘taking too long…’ Yeah dude, that’s kind of the point.”

“SMART investing is a long game that takes decades to pay off but provides security for the future.” – FountainOfQuira

“I can’t help but notice how he dropped that mention of ‘then she started laying out the whole list on how she has helped me’ and didn’t elaborate.”

“Alllmost like he’s pulled this trick before!” – Jetztinberlin

“Can you imagine having no bills to pay, working full-time, and NOT having 4K in the bank?”

“I don’t know how he could look his partner in the eye and ask for money while not paying a dime in bills… He has to be on drugs to be able to do that.” – Fancy_Assocation484

“This is my question! He’s working but doesn’t have to pay any bills, and his wife helps him out in addition to that??”

“OP, what are you even bringing to the table in this relationship?”

“YTA, OP.” – whysaylotword69

“I’m getting big wannabe day trader vibes from this. A lot of the really big quick returns in investments are done by day traders who are smart and/or just lucky.”

“If OP wanted to safely invest his wife’s money, he’d be looking into reasonable long-term investments, not these quick returns he mentioned in the post.”

“His wife is smart to be hesitant, if he’s trying to do day trading or other riskier investments then he’s bound to be lose at least part of her money.” – Weeebw0b

Others were worried about the OP getting scammed.

“YTA. She’s MORE than pulling her weight, and you are at a minimum getting sold if not outright scammed.”

“If these people had the secret to investing, they wouldn’t need 4500 from you. They would just be printing money nonstop.” – Briancisgo

“Unless this is a legitimate CFA exam prep course, and it doesn’t sound like that, I don’t even know what ‘investing classes’ would entail that you couldn’t learn for free.”

“So many free resources exist and you can paper trade for a while until you know enough to use your actual capital.” – nickyfrags69

“OP’s comment about ‘their accreditations and reviews’ is what guarantees to me that it’s a scam.”

“Most people won’t share any details if it will make them money. This is a pyramid scam, that they make money by bringing in more investors.”

“I come from a family of people constantly trying these easy get rich schemes, and they NEVER work out.” – Historical-Night-938

“What OP described sounds nothing like a legitimate course, let alone a prep-course. They have, literally said:”

“‘I have been enquiring into the realm of investments and and trying to take classes to make fruitful investment decisions. The classes I am attending however provides a beginner package which albeit a bit pricey (4500+) comes with extensive guidance and access to their premium app where they themselves meticulously choose trending business ventures and initiatives that I can invest in.'”

“There is nothing in these two sentences that speak to legitimacy.” – shaftautopump

“It’s 2022 and homeboy only just figured out there are get rich quick schemes for stocks. Wait till he finds out about crypto. He’ll be throwing money hand over fist at crypto traders.”

“Jesus, grow up, OP, and if you wanna start for yourself, actually do something instead of playing around with other people’s money.” – Superior91

“I love that he says it ‘does the hard work for him,’ because I think it really speaks to him as a whole. His wife does the hard work for him as well.”

“OP, why are you using your wife like this? If you want to invest $4500 in some douchey scam, get a job that pays you more money.”

“She’s likely more than happy to invest in a) her friend who doesn’t bleed her dry and b) an actual business.” – MarshmallowHarbinger

“I mean no offense to OP, but those programs look specifically for people (statistically, it’s usually men their late 20s to 30s) who want to ‘be their own boss,’ but are not well-educated, don’t have a lot of work experience, and are often pretty lazy.”

“If you want to be your own boss, go get a job working under someone who runs a small business and literally is his/her own boss. Work hard and learn from that person, save money, then go start your own venture.”

“Don’t just go crying to wifey for $5k because these people promise to take out all the hard work and make you rich and powerful in a year.” – sovrappensiero1

While the OP was confident that this was the investment he needed to make, the subReddit was certain that it wasn’t one that someone else needed to help him invest in, especially his wife.

Not only was the sub concerned about the legitimacy of the program, but based on how the OP wrote his post, they were also worried that he had already put his wife through something like this before.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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