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Kid Sends Powerful Message Of Support To Gay Man Whose Mom Shamed Him For Getting Engaged


There are few things more devastating to an LGBTQ person than their parents’ rejection. One gay man from Mexico is putting that pain front and center for the world to see, in the hope that it will inspire change.

And in the end, it seems it has.

After twenty-one-year-old photographer Henry Jimenez bravely posted an Instagram video of his mother castigating him for marrying his boyfriend, a young queer boy was inspired to come out to his parents.

And the message of support he sent has in turn inspired Jimenez.


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Jimenez spoke of the boy’s message in the caption to his heartbreaking video.

“This as I said IS SO HARD for me to share, but today I got a message from a kid telling how much he felt inspired after watching this and told his parents his biggest secret.”

“That makes me so happy and makes it all worth it.”

Jimenez went on to deliver a simple bit of advice.

It seems directed as much at his own mother as his fellow LGBTQ people.

“What are we doing in this world if we are not being truly happy.”

Jimenez’s video of his conversation with his mother went viral on both TikTok and Instagram.

In it, Jimenez, seemingly cautiously hopeful, tells his mother he is engaged. But she immediately turns on him, castigating him as sinful and Satanic.

As the hope drains from Jimenez begins to cry, his mother goes so far as to tell him his engagement is going to kill her.

“The day I die, you are gonna be the one who kills me, because I’m always thinking about all the stuff you’ve done wrong.”

The devastating words of his mother and Jimenez’s bravery in sharing them struck a chord with many people on social media.


Regardless of his mother’s rejection, Jimenez and his fiance, Kasey Kerbox, seem blissfully happy.


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In a caption on his TikTok video of Kerbox’s proposal, Jimenez called it the “easiest yes of my life.”

John Sundholm

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