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Gay Wisconsin Senator Who Was Knocked Out During Protest Blasts Trump For Needlessly Bringing Up His Sexuality

@lanceveeser / Twitter; Drew Angerer / Getty Images

As the protests in the United States continue, Donald Trump has tried to use them to divide the country, and a recent episode in Wisconsin is no exception.

Tim Carpenter, a state senator from Wisconsin, was assaulted at a June 23rd protest and was reportedly knocked unconscious.

Journalist Lance Veeser tweeted out coverage of the local protests, which saw windows of a local youth center smashed, and two statues, including one of Col. Hans Christian Heg, a soldier for the Union in the Civil War and noted abolitionist, torn down.

Veeser also found Senator Carpenter after his assault. Carpenter told Veeser the protesters attacked him, and then collapsed.

Carpenter had his own video evidence of the attack.

The senator was on his way to the Capitol to sign letters to his constituents, when he stopped to take a photo and quick video of the protests. However, upon whipping out his mobile phone, they shouted at him, and some members quickly approached him.

You can hear the strikes and one of the protesters telling Carpenter to delete the video.

On Twitter, Carpenter called for the violence to stop.

News of the incident with Carpenter spread, with some using it to justify stronger responses to the protests.

The incident eventually became such big news that even President Donald Trump brought it up at a Fox News town hall.

He claimed that Carpenter “was probably rooting on” the rioters before he was attacked, and brought up the senator’s sexuality for no reason.

Even for Trump, it was baffling.

He says in the video:

“The person they beat up was a Democrat who happened to be gay and he was probably out there rooting them on or something because Democrats think it’s wonderful they’re destroying our country.”

Senator Carpenter is gay and one of only four openly LGBTQ members of the Wisconsin legislature. However, his sexuality had nothing to do with the attack, nor was he cheering on the protesters before it happened.

It’s almost like Trump is trying to divide people against each other.

As stated earlier, Carpenter had just stopped to take a photo on his way elsewhere. And despite the President’s claims, and the attack on his being, he is just calling for peace.

He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

“I don’t know what’s worse, the beating or having someone turn something so personal that happened to you and weaponize it against you.”

While carpenter doesn’t support the destructive methods on display at the protest, he does want to help pass legislation that will curb police brutality.

“It seems like there’s a war going on — one on the far left that resorts to violence… and then you have the president of the United States coming to Wisconsin trying to further divide people and lie about what happened.”

Madison Police are asking for information to find the protesters who assaulted the senator. The Democratic party has also denounced the violence, with some asking people to remember why they were protesting in the first place.

At time of writing, the attackers have not been identified.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.