This Gender-Based Sexual Popularity Chart Shows How Taboo Your Fetish Is

Sergei Malgavko/TASS via Getty Images

You can now figure out how faboo your sexual fetishes are thanks to a this handy dandy gender-based sexual popularity chart.

Blogger Aella Girl decided to conduct a survey on the subject. 2044 people took part in her survey, 527 female, 1456 male and 61 other, which she set up using her social media pages.

The tabooness and popularity of sexual fetishes, by gender! [OC] from dataisbeautiful

As AellaGirl explained:

“I did this survey because I wanted to know how fucked up I was.”

“For the taboo and interest spectrum, R is -0.8762, P value < 0.01”

“I got the data from /r/samplesize, my twitter and my tumblr.”

“Sample size was 2086; after throwing out obviously poopy answersets (e.g., all 10s), I ended up with 2044.”

“Since noncis data are usually unique in my surveys, I like to look at them separately. I didn’t have enough trans data to do anything good with (about 25 FtM, 50 MtF, and 60 Other), so for the purposes of the gender spectrum I used only cis data, about 479 women and 1432 men.”

“I used Google Sheets for the datawrangling, Datahero to get the basic graph, and photoshop for the labels and coloring.”

“The male-female spectrum is asymmetrical because the answers were asymmetrical; for most given options, more men than women selected them, and generally in far greater ratios.”

According to the chart, alternate sexual positions to the missionary position was easily the most popular fetish across the demographics presented.

While men strongly favor female use of sex toys, women strongly favor light bondage. There’s also a strong female sexual interest in spanking and male domination and men have a more vested interested in the act of anal sex.

The most taboo fetishes consisted of illegal acts such as necrophilia and bestiality. Acts like sounding and the use of scat during sex were close behind.

Because of the large number of males that took part, it’s interesting to see just how diverse the sexual fetish categories attributed to males are; women favored only nine categories on the graph, including masochism, asphyxiation and male domination.

Many chimed in with their own observations.

“I guess it makes sense that men would be more into necrophilia. A guy has to be alive for the penis to function properly, whereas a woman needn’t be. Feels odd having this in my comment history.” -Montgomery-

“I really thought foot fetish would be a lot more common than that.” AnomalousAvocado

“Really nice work and a great dataset!”

“Just a few thoughts on tweaks that might make it a bit clearer:”

  • ’It’s a little distracting that the horizontal axis is represented by a (sub-zero) line, but the vertical axis has no associated line

  • likewise, as both dimensions occupy nearly the full range of 0 -> 10, both axes should share these ranges (or even extend them just a shade if you need to make room for labels)

  • Perhaps it’s only my preference, but I find symmetry and squareness to always make graphs more legible. So, with both axes on the same range here, you could then make them the same physical length to make your plotting pane physically square. This is helpful to spot e.g 1:1 correspondence between variable as a 45-degree line. I think that the consistency and legibility of axes is usually more important than maximally “zooming in” to show every microfeature in your data.

  • As others have mentioned, the colour scale here is a bit confusing. I see no reason to make it asymmetric. If the highest bias is +30% male, than run the colour bar from +30% female to +30% male (or even from +100% male to +100% female, if you really want to emphasise the big picture of potential dimorphism) If this means there’s only pale pink used in the plot then that it a feature not a bug, as it tells us something interesting and relevant about the data. Likewise, labelling the colour axis would be helpful, and classing the data into bands might be useful too. Indeed, as currently labelled the colorbar is misleading, as it implies an equivalence between ‘Strongly male’ and ‘Strongly female’, which is unwarranted if if the former means a +30% bias, and the latter only a +4%.

  • As others have said, a perceptually linear colour map might be useful here, though none of the popular ColorBrewer options will give you blue-to-pink diverging through grey. ‘RdYlBu’ might be the closest?

  • Why only horizontal gridlines? It’s not clear that “Interest” is inherently more important than “Tabooness” so I’m not sure the gridlines should emphasise one over the other. Also, vertical grids lines at 0 and 10 would help to frame the plot area.

  • The rotated vertical axis label is a little hard to read. Conventional horizontal text orientation is usually favoured if space is available, perhaps with a vertical arrow to clarify the meaning. Also, the axe labels are a bit inconsistent. Why is the vertical label “Reported” whereas the horizontal isn’t: if these all come from survey data everything is “Reported”. The grey clarifying text under “Tabooness” is useful, and an equivalent for the vertical scale could be helpful.” GretchenSnodgrass

“It’s a very interesting survey, but there are inherent biases you can’t overlook.”

“The most obvious one is that more men took the survey then females: approximately three times as much. If there was a larger sample size of women, there might be better representation of the fetishes.” 1forrestgump1

“I’m confused as hell. They have different sex positions as a taboo as well as anal. Nowhere on the chart do I see oral, either MF or FM.”

“I consider both sides of oral sex to be a normal part of love making or just hot fucking and sucking but there must be thousands, millions who consider these acts to be taboo yet it’s not listed.”

“Maybe today it’s considered to be so normal it’s no longer taboo. Thoughts?” KKKinky

“I really do wonder why so many of the things that objectively seen don’t do any damage at all are so taboo. Like why the hell do you people even care. It’s just none of your business.” Jannis_Black

“I think I’m most surprised by the disparity between female use of sex toys vs. male. I wonder if male vs. female masturbation were asked if it would show the inverse with females rated a few degrees more taboo than males.” MrSwarleyStinson

“That moment when you’re a furry, and none of this impresses you that much.”

“Really, though, cool content. Very intuitive for the most part. I wonder how sampling LGBT groups would affect these results.” Silhouette_Edge

AellaGirl is currently conducting a survey into romantic relationships, so it’ll be intriguing to compare these two data sets in the coming days.