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Georgia Deputy Fired After Pulling Over Driver And Assaulting Black Passenger In Front Of His Kids


WARNING: violent video footage

A viral video showed a Black man pleading for his life while a sheriff’s deputy in Clayton County, Georgia, knelt on his neck and repeatedly punched him in the face. According to Nixle, an internal affairs investigation was underway after the sheriff’s office was made aware of the video that was posted on social media.

The deputy was placed on administrative leave without pay pending the investigation.

On Saturday, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill announced that the unnamed deputy was terminated for “excessive use of force.” Fox 5 reported that the incident occurred on Friday outside the Georgia Department of Public Health in Clayton County.

Buzzfeed News reported that the victim, Roderick Walker, was riding in a vehicle with his girlfriend and one of his children after paying a ride-share driver to take them home after dropping off a rental car. On the way to their destination, the vehicle was pulled over for an alleged broken tail light.

An initial report claimed the incident occurred during a Lyft ride, but the ride-share company later determined that was not the case.

The sheriff’s deputies asked for the driver’s license but were told he did not have one.

One of the deputies then asked for Walker’s ID. A confrontation ensued after he questioned why he had to show his ID when he was not the one driving the vehicle and had done nothing wrong.

The footage shot by a bystander begins with Walker being pinned to the ground by the deputies trying to arrest him while one of them strikes his face multiple times and causing him to bleed.

Walker is heard screaming:

“I can’t breathe!”


“I’m gonna die!”

A woman who was later confirmed to be Walker’s girlfriend can be heard in the video yelling:

“Get off him!”

“Officer, he said he can’t breathe!”

Walker’s child could also be seen running around in the footage and later heard screaming from the backseat of a car:

“Daddy! Daddy!”

You can see the footage here:


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People were incensed on social media over yet another incident of ongoing police brutality.

Walker is currently in jail for “two counts of battery and two counts of obstructing law enforcement officers,” according to his attorney, Shean Williams.

Williams explained what triggered the deputies to use force.

“They approach Mr. Walker, demanded he have I.D. and when he told them he did not and cooperated, they got upset.”

“He’s attacked, beaten on his face, throughout his body. He is choked.”

“He is unable to breathe. He has at least two episodes where he goes unconscious.”

Sheriff Hill said the criminal investigation will be turned over to the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office.

Williams asked:

“How does a young man… end up beaten and attacked by Clayton County Sheriff’s department and ends up in jail when he was the one who was attacked?”

“How does a tail light being broken end up [in] a man being beaten?”


Buzzfeed reported that the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said they “ordered a signature bond courtesy for Mr. Walker 48 hours ago.”

But the Magistrate Court denied his bond because—according to the sheriff’s office—Walker “has a felony probation warrant out of Fulton County for Cruelty to Children, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and a Failure to Appear warrant out of Hapeville.”

An X-ray showed that Walker did not have any fractures. He continues to be monitored at the jail’s hospital.

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