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Georgia Jimmy John’s Employees Fired After Making A Noose Out Of Dough In Viral Video


Four employees at a Jimmy John’s franchise in Woodstock, Georgia have been fired over a video they filmed for social media of them playing with a noose they fashioned out of bread dough.

The video was first posted to the Snapchat account of a user named Riley:)), who is believed to be the one filming the video.

It then bounced to Instagram and Twitter where it went viral.

The video shows an employee placing the noose around the neck of another employee while two other employees film it.

It includes a “Happy 4th of July” graphic overlaid on the screen. It is difficult to understand what is being said in the video, but many feel the intentions of the stunt are clear: to mock the historic practice of lynching Black people.

The use of nooses as a “message” to Blacks during the age of Jim Crow laws is well documented. Since then, the symbolism has led to FBI and Justice Department investigations as civil rights violations. The United States Justice Department has prosecuted cases where nooses are displayed in work areas citing their purpose is to intimidate BIPOC employees.

Jimmy John’s released a statement condemning the video on Twitter. 

The statement confirmed that disciplinary action was taken.

All employees involved with the video, as well as a manager, were terminated and others would be receiving training pertaining to the incident.

“The franchisee is also meeting with their team to conduct training to help prevent anything like this from happening ever again.”

Jimmy John’s also responded to the video itself in a tweet, which read:

“We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in any form. The franchisee has taken immediate action and the employees have been terminated. The actions seen in this video are completely unacceptable and do not represent the Jimmy John’s brand.”

On Twitter, people were outraged by the incident. 

And many were unconvinced by Jimmy John’s response to the video.


Jimmy John’s has previously been embroiled in controversy due to its billionaire founder, James John Liautaud, being an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, including financial donations to his reelection campaign.


Written by John Sundholm

John Sundholm is a writer, video producer and performer originally from Michigan, and is one of those people who says he "lived in London for a while" even though it was only six weeks for study abroad. He made Ellen DeGeneres laugh once so you should probably follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Medium, where he does a lot of yelling under the name @JohntheCraptist.