Georgia Mom Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Her Son’s Bullies On Facebook Live

Cirea Oliver / Facebook

A mother in Gainesville, Georgia was arrested after threatening her son’s bullies in a Facebook Live video.

We’ve heard of someone landing in “Facebook Jail” before, but this is a whole other level.

Cirea Oliver, age 29, spoke up about her son’s bullying in a Facebook Live video that led to her arrest.

The video was over 40 minutes long. The video has since been removed from Oliver’s Facebook profile.

She explained that she had previously spoken to teachers and school officials, but no one had done anything to improve the situation. Tired of the repeated abuse, Oliver went live and shared her frustrations.

Unfortunately she took things much too far.

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Early in the video, Oliver claimed that she would take responsibility if one of her son’s bullies went home from school with a black eye one day.

She also talked about beating the children, to teach them a lesson, since the parents and teachers weren’t providing proper discipline.

Oliver said: 

“These kids, it’s a lack of parenting and it’s a lack of f–king teachers in the school system that give a f–k about these kids.”

But at the end of the video, she also claims that she would shoot the kids in their heads if they continued to abuse her son.

The following Monday, when she showed up at Gainesville Middle School, the Gainesville County police were ready to escort her off of the school grounds.

Corporal Jessica Van stated: 

“We take these types of calls very seriously, any kinds of threats, especially to our children.”

On Twitter people had mixed emotions about Oliver’s actions.

For some, they completely understand where Oliver was coming from in defending her bullied child, even if her defense tactics were inappropriate.

For others, they were appalled at how far Oliver took her threats, especially since her target audience was children.

Oliver clearly wanted to provide support for her son when she felt like he wasn’t getting any from his school. And Oliver has also been referred to as a good mother and person by her family members, despite this incident.

Nevertheless, her threats were inappropriate and were cause for her to be charged with terroristic threats.

At this time, she is in jail indefinitely, without the option for bail, until she appears in court to account for her charges.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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