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Gun Owners Are Willingly Turning In Their Guns After New Zealand Mosque Attack

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In a move that we would literally never see from some American gun owners following a major act of gun violence, New Zealand gun owners are actually turning in their weapons following the Christchurch Mosque shooting that left 50 people dead.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern has already set several examples, including openly grieving with the New Zealand Muslim community and introducing legislation to ban all assault weapons in the country.

But the way that New Zealanders are rising to the occasion is unparalleled.

The bravery of these people is resonating strongly with some in the western hemisphere.

New Zealand has had one mass shooting in its history—this one.

The USA has had 65 in 2019 so far.

Yet very little progress has been made on gun legislation in the United States.

In addition to private citizens surrendering their guns, hunting store “Hunting & Fishing” has removed all military-style assault weapons from their stock.

“As far as we are concerned, they will never return,” chief executive of H&F: New Zealand, Darren Jacobs, said.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow New Zealanders in condemning this cowardly attack, and in grief and solidarity with the loved ones of all those killed and injured. We are ready to play our part.”

Maybe the USA will follow New Zealand’s example.


Written by Mike Walsh

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