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Guy’s Attempt At Seducing A Woman On Tinder Goes From 0 To 60, Then Takes A Mind-Numbing Turn For The Worse

Rafael Henrique/Getty Images, @XxNoseley/Twitter

Dating app Tinder has always been a bit of a paradox.

On the the one hand Tinder and similar apps started a social revolution, making meeting new people easier than ever.

On the other hand some of the people you encounter remind you why you prefer staying at home in your pajamas watching Netflix.

Dance instructor Emily Langston from the U.K. was recently reminded of this after matching with a guy on Tinder named Matt — where a bad attempt at flirting soon turned into hostile fat-shaming rant.

Here’s Romeo’s full message.


After they both swiped right Matt dived in face first, messaging Emily saying:

“I’m jealous of your heart. It’s pumping inside you and I’m not.”

But although Emily took the peculiar opening line, which he blamed on his teddy Olaf, about as well as you could, Matt took a sharp left turn, calling Emily a “slag” and a “fat c**t.

That was enough red flags for Emily.

“I didn’t chat to him any further, that was literally our whole conversation,” Emily told Metro UK

“After that, he asked if he could have my friend’s number. And then asked if I was a virgin.”

Emily later posted the conversation to Twitter with the caption:

“Get yourself a boy off Tinder who talks to you like this. Oh Matt, you’re cancelled x.”

Twitter didn’t really know what to make of the exchange, but everyone understood that you don’t want to be like Matt.

Fortunately though Twitter had Emily’s back and she was very grateful for the support.

The bizarre conversation was enough to give Matts everywhere and bad name, but thankfully Emily was willing to accept an apology.

While it might not have been a pleasant experience for Emily it’s always better to find these things out sooner than later. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and this one definitely needed to be thrown back.


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

Matt is a writer, designer, and native New Yorker. He has worked in film, where he enjoyed a brief career as a stand-in for Ian Holm; finance, where he pretended to understand his job, and real estate, where nothing remarkable happened. He writes about science, technology, and media. His work includes magazine articles, one published book, and the looming inevitability of the second.