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Guy Infuriates His Wife By Letting Her Spend The Night In Jail After A Family Dispute With His Parents


Reddit user OwnBuilder4309 is a husband and father who got into a huge argument with his parents over the subject of his inheritance.

But no one took the news harder than the wife of the Original Poster (OP), and her subsequent rage got her into trouble with the law.

The OP visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for letting my wife spend the night in jail?”

“This happened a few weeks ago but my wife is still very upset. We attended a family wedding and my sh*t stirring brother told us that my parents changed the will and were only leaving us ten dollars (lawyer said if they left nothing it would be easier to challenge).”

“My wife was extremely upset. Obviously we aren’t entitled to their money, but it’s hurtful when they show such blatant favoritism.”

“I confronted my dad, and his response was pretty much your mom made me do it and she’s crazy.”

“My dad pretty much doesn’t give a sh*t about anything, he’s much older than my mom and ready for the drama to end, and my mom is kind of crazy.”

“My mom yelled at us and said we knew she hated my wife and we should understand that actions have consequences.”

“Again i know they don’t owe me the money, but it hurts how they treat me versus how they treat my brother, and I’m not even going to get started on my kids versus my niece, the golden child.”

The mother offered to change her mind about the will, but only under one condition.

“My mom said she would change the will back to 50/50 if i divorced my wife.”

“My wife began screaming at my mom that she is an evil b*tch (not wrong) but my wife would not let it go.”

“My parents tried to get away from her and she chased their car. I kept yelling at her to stop, because our kids were there and she was scaring them. She ended up jumping into the back of the convertible and my mom got her arrested.”

“I took the kids home and by the time she called they were comfortable in bed, and I was pretty pissed off that she acted like that.”

“I told her that I wasn’t going to wake the kids and we ended up getting her in the morning. She is still extremely upset.”

Anonymous strangers on the internet were asked if and where guilt belongs by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Redditors struggled with narrowing down the villain to one candidate.

“ESH. Like, literally every adult in this f*ked up story is awful, and needs copious amounts of therapy.”

“Edit: You aren’t awful for leaving your wife in jail, BTW. You get lumped in the ESH because you aren’t taking this more seriously. Her response was dangerous, and you need to take steps to protect your kids. This has gone beyond drama.” – Tamika_Olivia

“ESH also for doing this at someone’s futzing wedding. I mean seriously. Everyone here needs to grow the hell up for a minute.” – greeneyedtengu

“ESH for sure. So what if you’re not getting an inheritance, there’s no entitlement to their money. And good LORD having the audacity to bring it up and have a giant blowout at someone else’s wedding.”

“It doesn’t even seem like you have the good sense to be ashamed of your behavior.”

“I can see why your MIL isn’t a fan of your wife.” – painahimah

“Your parents cutting you out of their will and then demanding that you divorce your wife if you want an inheritance is absolutely cause to be angry at them and have an argument.”

“I agree that it was horrible to get into this at a third party’s wedding, though. It’s definitely ESH.” – My_Dramatic_Persona

Some people faulted the brother for setting the whole rigmarole in motion.

“I disagree with this, cause the brother is the one who started the drama. granted he probably should have been smart enough not to take the bait.” – BlueberryTraining132

“Ya, I feel a lot of people are completely forgetting about the brother, who INTENTIONALLY brought this up, at said wedding.”

“Regardless of taking the bait, the brother set this whole thing in motion by bringing this up at the wedding, the brother knew something like this would happen, and chose to do it.” – IceBear042

“This brother definitely needs more of the responsibility for this. He tried to start drama. Is it possible he egged OP’s wife on?”

“Wife should have pulled herself off to vent in the privacy of her car with her family.”

“Mother likely shouldn’t say things like ‘ you know I hate her”. Seriously, I expect this from my preteen niece. I feel so badly for the couple. Send them a nice gift basket and an apology card, OP.” – LinwoodKei

But judgment inevitably came back to ESH, except for the OP’s kids.

“ESH. I strongly suspect stuff was left out of the description.”

“I feel bad for your kids.”

“Maybe don’t go to family events if your wife can’t control herself Maybe do more to show your wife you have her back.” – blueconlan

“My, aren’t you all a lovely family?”

“ESH, every single one of you, except the kids.”

“I would say you are a troll, but, sadly what you told in the post could be real as well.” – Lily2404

“This is an ESH all around. All the adults in your post are acting like children, including you. The post also screams of a lot of missing reasons.” – NoApollonia

When the OP was asked why his mother despised his wife so much, he said:

“my mom dislikes almost everyone except my dad and my niece. she doesn’t even really like my brother. My wife doesn’t let her do whatever she wants with our kids. She calls her out on the horrible things she says.”

“My wife has insulted my parents marriage and called the age difference creepy and asked if my dad was going to discipline her.”

“The real drama started when my wife said my parents could bring a friend to the wedding and then vetoed the friend they picked. My mom threw a fit at the wedding and caused a scene.”

The wife’s tantrum at the wedding could now be added to the list of why the MIL hates the OP’s wife more than ever.

Most of the Redditors declared ESH but strongly suggested for all the adults in the scenario to seek professional therapy.

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