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Guy Matches With Woman On Tinder Just To Mock Her Dress—But A Fashion Retailer Had The Last Laugh

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We’re going to be honest; online dating is not great.

Oh sure, there are definitely positives compared to traditional dating, like a better chance you and your date may have something in common, but there is also the danger of a certain level of anonymity.

Like insulting your dress.

20-year-old Thea Lauryn Chippendale experienced this first hand when she matched with a man named George on Tinder.

George starting things off so charmingly, saying

“Not gonna lie you’re a bit of a joke but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favours. Hope this helps”

Wow. That is certainly a thing to say to someone you don’t know.

Not a great thing, just… a thing.

Thea did not take this lying down.

“Why did you feel like you needed to comment on it? Is your head that far up your own arse that you thought your opinion mattered?”

If you were a smart man, you probably would have taken the hint and left. Well, if you were smart, you probably wouldn’t have sent the first message to begin with, but let’s focus on where we are.

George continues to demonize himself, saying,

“Literally had to tell you else I wouldn’t of slept. It’s awful you not reckon? Charity shop job! I tell you what…GROW UP! And shop somewhere decent! Thanks. Hope this helps.”

You know what, George? That really did help.

Luckily, the internet supported Thea, pointing out how great she looked in the dress. In what world is this woman “a bit of a joke”?

On top of that, the company that produces the dress got wind of this insult and decided to step in.

Enter ASOS.

People waited with bated breath for what the fashion company would do.

Would they send Thea more gorgeous dresses? Maybe help her track down this slimy human and give him a piece of her mind? Or possibly find even better revenge?

It’s the last one. After talking with Thea, they made her a model for that dress.

Not just Thea in the dress, but the very picture that Georgie-boy just had to insult.

If you go to ASOS’s website, find the dress and swipe through the models, you’ll now see Thea, looking great in that “mink” color dress.

If George was hoping she’d get rid of that dress, I don’t think that’s likely now. If anything, he just accomplished the exact opposite of his goal.

You know what, George? You really did help. And the internet now knows you’re scum, so that’s a bonus.

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Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.