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Guy Reamed Out By His Parents After Banning His Brother From His House For Losing His Dog


Redditor missing_him_ is a dog-owner whose brother was staying in his guest house after fighting with his girlfriend.

The Redditor is currently furious at his brother for neglecting to do the one thing he had instructed him to do while he was staying on his property.

After their parents criticized him for his reaction, he visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit

“AITA for banning my brother from my house after he lost my dog?”

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“My brother was staying in the back house of my place because he was having a fight with his girlfriend and isn’t staying in their apartment.”

“My dog is outside during most of the day and I told him a million times to close the damn gate when he comes to the house.”

“Last Thursday my brother went to his friends house and got home at like 6 am. I was already gone for work and left my dog out in the yard. When I got home the gate was wide open and my dog Matty was nowhere to be found.”

“It was so obvious it was my brother because I always remember to close the gate after I pull my car out. He denied it until I checked the front camera which clearly showed him coming in from the front and not bothering to close right behind him.”

“I was so mad at my brother I told him to leave because I don’t want him in my house anymore and I went out to look for my dog.”

“Got called up by my parents later on since he had to go to their place and they yelled at me for not being a good brother letting him not have a place to stay over my dog.”

“They already know he messed up by ignoring the one thing I kept telling him to but that’s no excuse to ban him from my house. Idk I’m just mad he didn’t listen to me and now my dog is gone so far can’t find him at any of the shelters.”

“I’m losing hope and it makes me even more mad at my brother that I don’t want to see him right now. But they keep saying that’s too extreme and shouldn’t hold it against him when he’s needing some support right now.”


Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Redditors gave their mostly not the a**hole judgments and wished for the OP to find his beloved pet.

“NTA, you have every right to say who is and isn’t allowed to stay at your house. He should have apologized and tried to help you find your dog as well.” – Chairmanca93

“Brother or not, if they caused the loss of my dog is dead to me.” – hello_friendss

“Yep. Theres no remorse or regret, no mention of an apology and the brother hasn’t even helped look for the dog.”

“Not only did the brother f’k up, he isn’t doing a thing to help find the dog. Just went running to mummy and daddy because big bro was being mean.” – MooseChain

“NTA. It’s like that meme, ‘You had one job.'”

“And he f’ked up. And he’s not homeless. He’s staying at your parent’s home. Imo, let him stay there and fuck things up over there.”

“As for your parents pushing ‘supporting’ him emotionally, they should do that for you too. That they aren’t is inconsiderate of them towards you.” – WaDaEp

“You are definitely NTA. Your brother on the other hand, is a massive A H.”

“All you requested from him was to close a gate when he enters your property, which is reasonable. He couldn’t do so and you lost a family member as a result.”

“If your parents want to berate you so badly, they should just let him stay with them. Maybe he will left a door open and a burglar would get inside.” – Infinite_Ad_7744

“NTA. When someone stays with you, they agree to rules, that you, as the owner of the house, have set. In this case your rule was.”

“’Lock up the gate when entering/exiting the property, so that the dog doesn’t escape.’”

“He broke the rule then lied about it. He’s the AH. Not you.”

“I sincerely wish you luck in finding your dog!” – vorchlivyipo

“NTA. Your brother was totally irresponsible. You get to say who can stay at your house. Sounds like your family favors him.”

“I’m so sorry about your dog. I hope you find your dog healthy and unharmed. You don’t say why he split after fighting with his gf but maybe she was sick of him not listening, either.”

“Your parents are probably just upset because now they have to let him live with them.” – LoveBeach8

“NTA. Your brother isn’t homeless. He can get the love and support from his parents while he says with them!”

“Also, did he apologize or help you look for your dog? You don’t owe him anything and kicking him out is not extreme. I hope you find your dog soon. Please provide an update when you find him/her.” – CMSkye

The OP responded:

“He only apologized after I caught him in his lie. Even if he did offer to help (he didn’t) I wouldn’t have accepted.”

“I just can’t stand to look at him right now. I really hope so too. Can’t even sleep anymore because he always sleeps at my feet.”

“This is the longest he’s ever been gone. Only lost him once as a puppy and that was hell for 10 mins. Just want him to be okay.”

When asked if his dog was microchipped, the OP replied:

“Yes he is. I’ve called all the local shelters and vets just to check in, I know they’re supposed to call if he is brought in but it helps me to feel like I’m going something.”

And when one concerned Redditor asked if the OP found his dog, and he said:

“I’ve done my rounds earlier around the neighborhood but no luck. One of my neighbors was kind enough to help look too.”

There have been no further updates on the thread regarding the status of the missing animal.

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