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Guy Slams Woman To The Ground After His Unleashed Dogs Go After Her Dog In Security Footage


Recently shared surveillance footage revealed a woman kept her dog on a tight leash when it darted towards three roaming unleashed dogs.

When she managed to restrain her excited pet, she found herself surrounded by the other dogs reacting aggressively and tried to ward one of them off with her foot.

However, her protective instinct to defend herself was misinterpreted by the other dogs’ owner and he tackled the situation.


The owner of the unleashed dogs, a man, ran towards the woman from behind and pushed her to the ground.

The impact knocked her off her feet and she landed face-first on the pavement.

The security footage was shared on a Reddit post called, “r/iamatotalpieceofs**t,” for obvious reasons.

POS attacks lady instead of having a leash on his dogs from iamatotalpieceofshit

There are better ways to handle the situation without resorting to body-slamming a defenseless woman.

Like not letting your dogs run around loose in public spaces not designated for it.

After knocking the woman down, all the dogs were free to roam, but none were attacking each other as the woman recovered and calmly stood back up.

There was no further altercation and all members, including the tail-waggers, went their separate ways.

Redditors chimed in with their assessment of the attack.

“Her head bounced off the cement… jesus. He deserves to go to jail for that one.” – egg_in_a_blanket

“This is the exact type of person who should he in jail and what jail was designed for. People who are a danger to the public.”

“If you can’t take your dog for a walk properly without assaulting someone, then you need to be rehabilitated.” – AirSC


If we were to get inside the guy’s brain to understand his motive, his violent action still wouldn’t make any sense.

“He probably thought she kicked his dog. He looks like a toddler and probably has the mentality of one, therefore he should struggle to make rational decisions under pressure, such as when his dogs are roaming free.”

“He should had been cautious not to allow his dogs to roam free, but he probably sees the dogs as real humans and refuses to leash them,something he probably brags about.”

“I am hopeful this man got charged with assault.” – DonDevilDong

One reader alleged the incident took place in Mexico.

“This is in my country, He pushed her because her dogs went barking to his (at least the news said that).”

“She is okay, after the video she just left the place. This happened in Mexico.”

“Yes, this dude right here is a total POS.” – OhMyCat123

“Did anything ever happen to him?”

“You’d think a guy that wears bright polos and dresses his dogs up like they’re 7 dwarves would be pretty recognizable. Dude deserves some punishment.” – coleyboley25

Someone who thought they were the voice of reason broke down the canine chaos from their personal perspective.

“Her dog is the aggressive one and was trying to attack his dogs. For some reason he stupidly thought attacking her was appropriate while she’s trying to hold her dog back.”

“Of course she lets go of the leash so now her aggressive dog is loose too. He then has to get between her aggressive dog and his to defend them, possibly going to kick it but her dog backed off first.”

“Now before people go downvoting me for being critical of her dog, he is clearly totally in the wrong here.”

“1. he knocked her over. She’s not attacking him or trying to sic her dog on him. It’s not self defense. He is fully in the wrong. You can’t assault people because they didn’t train their dog properly.”

“2. his dogs created the problem because they’re unleashed. It doesn’t matter if they’re not aggressive and listen to him. You still keep them leashed for just this reason. You are responsible to keep them away from someone else’s leashed aggressive dog.” – DrobUWP


People couldn’t help pointing out the fact that the victim’s head bounced off the pavement after she fell.

“Damn, he attacked her because he thought she kicked his dog because THATS WHAT HE WOULD DO. This clip has made my blood boil, I hope the lady is ok. Her head bounced off the concrete.” – tghGaz

This user left a public service reminder.

“On this topic unless you know your dog is 100% trained and will not leave your side at any moment your dog needs to be on a leash.” 

“Even if your dog is friendly other dogs may not do as well with some unleashed dog running up to them. It pisses me off when I’m walking my dog and someone else’s comes running at us unleashed.” – gingerhasyoursoul

Those familiar with the scenario shared their anecdotes where they didn’t wind up eating the pavement.

“I was walking my golden in SF, where I live, one evening. This large off leash pit bull comes bounding down the sidewalk toward us and I yanked my dog back on his leash and sort of recoiled.”

“The owner is casually walking up and hollers, ‘he’s friendly.’ Instantly, the dog starts posturing and snarling at us. Then the owner goes, ‘was that my dog or your dog?’”

“Yeahdude, my 8 month golden retriever just made those growling, snarling sounds. So annoying.” – fruitynoodles

“SAME. It’s a massive anxiety provoked for me and I’ve met too many entitled dog walkers. If your dogs runs up to my dogs face and it shows your dog it doesn’t like it, too f*****g bad.”

“They mind their own business and are very friendly but they’re leashed, they do not want your unleashed idiot dog bouncing all over them or approaching without permission.

“I actually want to set this guy on fire. 3 small and very killable dogs just roaming about like that? He doesn’t deserve them. (From a small dog owner who would not risk their dogs life for my own entitlement).” – Irrumacrux


In the U.S., each state has different leash laws, with many states having state impound laws for stray dogs.

While a state may not enforce owners leashing their dogs, the pets could be subject to impoundment, or in the most extreme cases, killed on sight if found roaming loose.

It is presumptuous for owners to assume their dogs are well-trained and well-behaved enough to be off-leash.

Dogster outlined examples of why dogs should be on a leash.

Some of the reasons to leash your dog include the fact that one out of every three dogs has noise phobia, dogs are unpredictable in that you never know what it might suddenly chase after and that your liability increases in the event your dog causes injury to another person, animal or property.

Leashing irresponsible humans like this violent owner, however, remains unregulated.

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Written by Koh Mochizuki

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