Gynecologist Explains Why It’s A Bad Idea To Shove Garlic Up Your Vagina, Despite What Home Remedy ‘Experts’ Might Tell You

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I love a home remedy. Send me your latest DIY all-natural countertop spray or face scrub, and next time you see me you’ll remark on how clean my kitchen is and how bright my face looks. However, as a wise person once told me, all-natural is great but remember that arsenic, too, is “all-natural”.

That’s why we have to be cautious when we adopt home remedies.

Just because the internet or your friend who sells essential oils told you that it’s okay, that does not mean that medical professionals sign off.

Gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter is sick and tired of one particular home remedy that she keeps seeing — garlic in vaginas.

Dr. Gunter has made it her personal mission to,

“build a better medical Internet,”

and her latest Twitter rant was written in hopes of shutting down a harmful home remedy for good.

She also posted a full article she wrote for the New York Times about vaginal health.

The TL;DR version of the thread is simply this — garlic is not meant to be put in vaginas. While it may have antifungal properties in a lab setting, placing garlic in a vagina will most likely not alleviate a yeast infection and instead will put said vagina in a very dangerous and precarious position.

Dr. Gunter’s thread came in response to a now-deleted tweet claiming that,

“Garlic, yogurt, and tea tree oil are all successful home remedies for vaginal yeast infections.”

@gyanopedia (Twitter)
@gyanopedia (Twitter)

Many people can’t believe this is something we still have to talk about.

Please remember to consult a medical professional before ingesting any natural medicine via any orifice.


Written by B Miller

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