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Argument Over 13-Year-Old Boy’s Haircut Leads To Shooting Of Texas Barber


On Saturday, a barber in Katy, Texas was shot three times following an argument with a customer, KHOU 11 reports.

Police are still looking for the alleged shooter.

According to a tweet by the Harris County Sheriff’s office, witnesses reported that an argument ensued over a haircut given to the suspect’s son. This argument lead to an altercation just outside the shop, where the suspect shot the barber.

The suspect, described by witnesses as a black male, then fled the scene in a gray 4-door sedan.

KHOU 11, local news Houston, reports that the alleged shooter’s 13-year-old son initially went to the barber shop alone and received a haircut. He then left the barber shop and returned with his father. The father claimed the haircut was not done properly, so the barber fixed the haircut for free.

Then, conflict escalated between the barber and the father, beginning as an argument and ending with the father firing 3 shots into the barber: one in the stomach, another in the leg, and a third in the arm.

KHOU 11 also reported police said the child was in the car while the shooting took place and remained there as the suspect drove off.

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Detective Wallace Wyatt spoke to KHOU about his concern for the child’s involvement in the incident:

β€œThe disturbing part is his 13-year-old son witnessed this, which makes him part of this, so this 13-year-old son knows he needs to come forward and tell us what happened. Just to be an example, to be a good father and say, β€˜I messed up. I have something to prove to my son, and this is how you fix it’.”

Police have said that the victim remains in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Eric Spring

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