Harry And Meghan Donated Their Wedding Flowers In A Truly Beautiful Way


Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle married on Saturday at Windsor Castle, in a fairytale-like ceremony inside St. George’s Cathedral.

Now officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the royal couple kicked off their marriage with a moving gesture by donating the wedding flowers that were decorating the outside of the chapel to hospices and women’s refugee centers. The flowers that were used inside the church we left in place for other weddings scheduled to take place later this week.

This is fantastic! The “cascading hedgerow” was taken down from the West steps last night and sent to, among others, here ??The flowers inside St George’s chapel were left for another wedding this week. Lucky Bride! loved the hedgerow!

Flowers were sent to St. Joseph’s Hospice in London, prompting a gracious Facebook post in which the facility thanked the royal couple and florist Philippa Craddock for their “lovely gesture.”

Today we got a very special delivery. Beautiful bouquets made from the #royalwedding flowers which we gave to our patients. A big thank you to Harry and Meghan and florist Philippa Craddock. Our hospice smells and looks gorgeous. Such a lovely gesture

Today we got a very special delivery. Beautiful bouquets made from the #royalwedding flowers which we gave to our…

Posted by St Joseph's Hospice on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Patients at St. Josephs were treated to personal bouquets of leftover flowers, which surely brightened their spirits and their hospice.

Thank you and Meghan and Harry for the flowers. All our patients got a stunning bouquet and the hospice smells and looks gorgeous. An amazing gesture, you’re all very kind ❤

Recipients were quite thankful.

Beautiful flowers donated to our Hospice today. Beautiful work thanks Harry and Megan. ?

The Duchess of Sussex also sent the bouquet she carried down the aisle to Westminster Abbey, where it was placed atop the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.


Written by Brandon Gage

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