20+ Harsh Realities You’ll Only Understand If You Come From A Divorced Home

Growing up with divorced parents is not something out of the ordinary. According to the American Psychological Association, about 40-50% of married couples divorce in their lifetime–so, don’t feel bad if your parents didn’t “stay together for the kids.”
There are some struggles all people go through when they have to witness fighting, slammed doors, money conversations–you know, the whole nine yards. While there are always the pits in divorced homes, there are also some ups that you can go through. It doesn’t always have to be bad, guys.


You get two celebrate holidays twice–which means, twice as many gifts and twice as much food.


But, sometimes holidays can be rather annoying–like when your parents fight over who gets you this year like you’re a turkey leg.


You have two different houses, which can be fun and complicated at the same time.


Custody agreements seem to work for your parents, but sometimes you just want some stability.


When you’re staying at your moms’, you forget that you left something you needed at your dad’s and vice-versa.


Making plans is hard because you have to check “which house you’ll be staying at.”


And, when you would stay at your friend’s houses whose parents are still together, you felt a ping of jealousy.


When one parent says no, you can easily as the other parent (not like they’re going to check with each other).

One parent is always more easy-going than the other, so they’re always the go-to parent to ask.

Your dad’s house is usually filled with mac & cheese, soda, and tons of junk food.

And, he usually takes you out to dinner when you stay over there.

Your mom is always complaining that your dad isn’t “prepared” for you to stay there because junk food is not “real food.”

Whenever your parents have to be in the same room together, it can be rather awkward.

Major events bring forth a ton of anxiety, like graduations, weddings, birthdays.

You hated when your mom would trash-talk your dad or when your dad would bad-mouth your mom.

You learned to tune things our rather early on.

You have some serious trust issues when it comes to relationships.

Explaining to your new boyfriend/girlfriend that they have to go to dinner twice to meet your parents is annoying.

You have a pretty dark and gloomy outlook on marriage.

If your parents get remarried, you have a whole new family to grow and love.

But, hopefully, they’re not weird and rude.

You don’t want to have kids until you’re 100% sure that you and your partner are in it for the long haul because you don’t want to put your kids through what you went through.

But, you grew up extremely independent and strong.

You learn to accept the things you cannot change because you had literally no choice.