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Nebraska Man Faces Hate Crime Charges For Chasing Woman With Chainsaw ‘Because She’s Black’

Lincoln Police Department

A man in Nebraska was charged with a felony hate crime after he chased a Black woman with a chainsaw because—as he put it—”she’s guilty because she’s Black.”

The incident happened in Lincoln, Nebraska, when Daniel Stueck attacked Norma Nimox on the back steps of her apartment building, where he had been waiting for her when she arrived home.

“She’s guilty because she’s Black” from r/PublicFreakout

Speaking to Lincoln’s KOLN News, Nimox described the horrifying encounter, which began with Stueck greeting her with a racial slur.

As she told KOLN:

“He says to me, excuse my language because it’s about to get vulgar, ‘What’s up, [n-word].'”

Brandishing the chain saw, Stueck revved the saw’s engine and yelled:

“Get off my property, [n-word]!”

When Nimox ran away screaming, Stueck—who does not even own the property—threatened her again saying she “better run.”

Once Nimox left, Stueck left too, but returned when the police arrived and told them he had recently had items stolen from him. He explained Nimox was the culprit, telling police “she’s guilty because she’s Black.”

The police arrested Stueck immediately.

Nimox also told KOLN that according to accounts from her neighbors, Stueck seemed to have been planning the attack all day.

“The neighbors upstairs say he was starting his chainsaw in his apartment all day. I guess when he seen me, he just found his victim.”

Nimox also said she is afraid for not just the safety of her and her five-year-old son, but the entire apartment building. 

Stueck was jailed and charged with suspicion of making terroristic threats enhanced as a hate crime, which makes the charge a felony.

On Reddit, people were outraged by the incident.

“I can’t imagine having to live through such a horrifying experience solely because of my race.” —FefgyBoi

“I’m sorry, hold on, wait a minute, this motherfu**er wasn’t evicted straightaway? In what fu**ing universe is threatening another tenant with a god**mn chainsaw not an immediate eviction?” —Jarsky2

“I’m not one to judge a book by its cover but fu**ing look at this fu**ing bag of s**t.” —Ejaculazer

“Imagine having to explain to the police that there was a man who chased you with a chainsaw? Well yeah he’s not here now but he was sitting there up on the stairs with a chainsaw.” —Searchlights

“Remember when a Muslim, a black American, or a Mexican American would be watching a video of a heinous assault/crime, and pray it wasnt a Muslim, black or brown guy?”

“I’m that over the hill white guy going ‘GOD D**MIT CLEETUS,WHAT THE F**K!!?’ And there are 70 million clueless Trumpers!”

“Its an infestation on the soul of America. How do we fumigate? Free weed for all?” —dMarrs

People on Twitter were similarly horrified.

Nimox told KOLN that she has contacted her landlords, but has not been told whether or not Stueck will be allowed to return to the building.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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