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Hawaii Cop Pleads Guilty After Forcing A Homeless Man To Lick A Urinal In Order To Avoid Arrest

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

After nearly a year, a Hawaii cop finally admitted that he forced a homeless man to lick a urinal in order to avoid arrest.

The Honolulu officer is John Rabago. On January 28, 2018, he and another police officer, Reginald Ramones, responded to a nuisance call at a bathroom of a shopping mall.

They found 37-year-old Samuel Ingall, or S.I. in the official report, a homeless man, in the bathroom. Ingall told Rabago and Ramones that he would do “anything” to avoid arrest. It was then that Rabago repeatedly told Ingall to lick the urinal.

According to NBS News, Rabago went on to instruct Ramones to close the door so the cameras would not capture his behavior.

“Once defendant Ramones closed the bathroom door, co-defendant Rabago again instructed S.I. to lick the urinal. S.I. then reluctantly knelt down before the urinal and licked the urinal. Co-defendant Rabago then allowed S.I. to gather his possessions and leave the bathroom.”

After the indecent incident, the officers learned that the FBI was investigating what happened. Rabago continued with his unseemly behavior by instructing Ramones to delete incriminating text messages as well as to claim that everything was in jest.

Ramones pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to deprive the man of his civil rights in September after cooperating with the investigation. He also resigned from the police department.

Rabago has been on restrictive duty and is expected to be fired from the force. He is facing up to 30 months in prison.

According to Rabago’s attorney, Megan Kau,

“Justice has prevailed because John Rabago has admitted that he violated the victim’s constitutional rights. He’s very remorseful, which is why he took responsibility.”

Despite his “remorse,” people are disgusted by Rabago’s behavior.


Ingall’s family also reported that he often used that bathroom because an employee would leave it open for him, so he did not understand why officers were approaching him that day. They further alleged that Rabago and Ramones also hit Ingall, forced him to sit in urine and pushed his head into a toilet until he choked.


Written by B Miller

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