Woman Faces Backlash For Having Stopped Wearing Hijab In End Of Decade Photo

With the decade wrapping up, people are reflecting on where they were ten years ago, and even who they were. You change a lot in a decade and it can feel like an entirely different person stepped into 2010 than who will be stepping into 2020. All this reflection combined with a love of taking selfies led to folks posting side-by-side pictures of themselves ten years ago and today, to show the “glow up.” It’s more extreme for some than others, but one young woman is sharing way more than a better skincare routine.

Twitter user @SynSuzy shared her “start of the decade vs end of the decade” pics and sparked way more conversation than she probably intended. In the first picture, she’s wearing a hijab. In the second, she’s not. Can you see the difference?

Her pictures went viral, probably because a lot of people have opinions about them. Many of those opinions were pretty negative and accused @SynSuzy of losing her way, wanting to please men over God, and other sins:

But for every negative comment in her replies, there was a defender. Some of the people who defended her had also once worn a hijab. Some still did, but think it’s everyone’s choice to decide how they dress:

@SynSuzy wrote in the replies that she’s not Muslim anymore, so the change in her outfit is more than a change of clothes:

But she doesn’t seem that angry with the folks disagreeing with her change in perspective. In a thread that seems related but isn’t attached to her pics, she wrote, “Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, way of life, their own religion or lack of, and everyone has the right to express that. Your rights stop when you start to try to control others and force them to behave how you see fit or harm them in any manner. Let’s be civil thanks.”

It seems as though she’s given things a lot of thought in the last ten years.