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Homophobes Enraged Over Cadbury Commercial That Shows Gay Couple Sharing A Creme Egg


A new Cadbury commercial featuring a gay couple sharing a Creme Egg infuriated homophobes online.

The new ad celebrated the popular Creme Egg’s “Golden Goobliee” after tantalizing customers for “five delicious decades.”

The commercial featured six different kinds of people who enjoy the Easter candy’s creamy gooey center—including “Bakers,” “Dippers,” “Lickers,” “DiscrEATers” and “Eggsperts.”

The “Sharers” were portrayed by real-life couple Callum Sterling and Dale K Mora.

The gay male pair simultaneously enjoyed the gooey yolk center after one bit into the chocolate held in his partner’s mouth and pulled it apart.

The narrator commented on the couple’s method of sharing the confectionery with an exuberant:

“We are down with that!”

You can watch Cadbury’s ad below.

The ad’s brief moment between Sterling and Mora was enough to ignite fury for some viewers.

According to the Daily Mail, one social media user complained:

“It’s a bit much. Representation is one thing (and important) but this feels performative and exploitative.”

“Like they wanted to use these gay men to create controversy so that people are talking about the product.”

More complaints followed on Twitter.

Those repulsed by the ad hoped the confectionery giant would suffer from a major sales decline.

This user pointed out that it’s the adults who seem to be having a difficult time.

The double-standard did not slip under the radar.


Some responded to the controversy with sarcasm.

The backlash came just after Cadbury revealed they hid 200 gold-covered Creme Eggs across stores in the U.K. commemorating the confection’s 50th anniversary.

Those who find the elusive egg hidden underneath the traditional foil wrapping sold individually or in multi-packs through April 4 could win £5,000—or roughly $6,760.17.

This is the fifth year Cadbury ran a similar promotion with the cash prize tied to hidden white chocolate eggs in previous years, but this is the first time the milk chocolate shells would be covered in edible gold dust.

After a torrent of negative comments for the ad featuring the gay couple, it appeared the British candy company disabled commenting on their YouTube page.

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