Woman Horrified After Her Grandma Accidentally Sends Her A Nude Photo—And An Apology Voicemail


There are few things more startling than suddenly receiving a nude photograph of your grandmother during the workday.

But hearing her elaborate about the details in a 30-second long apology voicemail may be one of those things.

TikTok user @mimibae89 was forced to endure both.

Just moments after laying eyes on it, she was forced to process the visual. And rather than face that inner turmoil alone, she roped in the entire internet.

She posted a selfie video that included her grandmother’s panic-stricken apology voicemail, along with her own horrified facial expressions.

Her grandma’s sprawling monologue managed to cover every detail. 

“This is your grandmother. I apologize so much, I sent you pictures. I pushed your name by mistake–I meant to send it to my friend, Brian Allen.”

“PLEASE delete that picture from your phone….When I looked up at my thing and I seen that I felt so bad. I was sending it to Brian Allen.”

@mimibae89Grandma tripping I can’t even function at work ##fyp ##foryoupage ##fypシ ##4u♬ yort_. – @yort_.

The video went viral on TikTok.

It then was reposted to Twitter, where it also made waves. One of the most common responses?

All kinds of speculation about this Brian Allen fella. 

Natasha Lee Creative/TikTok
Justice Kelty/TikTok
Richard McNeil/TikTok
Carolyn James/TikTok

Others empathized with her clear shock and horror. 

Theresa Marie Crocke/TikTok


Many people, though, took a sex positive approach to the whole thing.

They were glad to see someone of grandma’s age still feeling beautiful. 

Matthew Daniel Gordon/TikTok
Fynn Sill ’72/TikTok

And while nobody is saying grandma should stop living her life, it’s likely she’ll take an extra second when it comes time to press send.

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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