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Family Sues Illinois Nursing Home After Workers Post Snapchat Video Taunting 91-Year-Old Dementia Patient

WGN News/YouTube

The family of Margaret Collins, a 91-year-old patient at the Abington of Glenview nursing home near Chicago, is suing her caretakers after video surfaced of two nurses repeatedly taunting her despite her dementia.

In the Snapchat video, caretakers Jamie Montesa and Brayan Cortez can be seen mocking the 91-year-old.

While Montesa films, Cortez repeatedly places a hospital gown on top of Margaret. In the caption, they explain with laughing emojis that “Margaret hates gowns.”

The news picked up the story.


Collins, who suffers from dementia, continues waving the gown away.

Her family says she has a deep dislike of hospital garments, preferring to wear her own clothes at all times.

Margaret’s daughter, Joan Biebel commented on WGN-TV that:

“If they were in her room, they should have been there for a reason ― to help her, assist her ― not to exploit her and threaten her and demean her and post it on social media.”

The two caretakers involved were suspended for six days and later fired following an investigation.

Abington released a statement saying:

“The privacy and dignity of our residents are of the utmost concern.”

Margaret’s family claim that she now suffers from anxiety due to her treatment at Abington, where Montesa admitted to having recorded another video of the elderly woman previously.

The family has removed Margaret from the nursing home and is now suing Abington for $1 million in damages.

John Perconti, the family’s lawyer, told WGN-TV:

“This was a sick game the two CNAs decided to play for their own enjoyment. By filing this lawsuit and pursuing this lawsuit, we will prevent this from happening to other individuals in this facility as well as other facilities.”

The book Abuses and Excuses: How To Hold Bad Nursing Homes Accountable is available here.


Written by Collin Gossel

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