An Instagram Star Is Getting Slammed Over A Post Joking About The Reason Her Husband Does Housework


A blogger and social media influencer is facing backlash from the online community after sharing a post which jokingly implied that her husband only does housework when he expects sex in return.

Not too long ago “social media influencer” was a job title no one had ever heard of and even fewer people could have imagined. These days the sky is almost the limit for inventive content creators who want to connect with others and build their digital following.

But with social media influence comes social media drama, and influencers know better than anyone the consequences of upsetting an online community.

After a recent post, San Diego based blogger Bri Dietz is learning that lesson the hard way.

Dietz who has more than 74,000 followers on Instagram frequently shares photos of her family sitting in front of a message board with comical quips about family life, but a recent image featuring Bri and her husband Bobby has sparked controversy across the internet.

In the post Bri kisses her husband’s cheek as he holds a letter board with the message “Helping with housework so you can get lucky is called choreplay.”

“Nothing hotter. Any other ‘acts of service’ love-language-ers out there? Mine 100%,” Bri captioned the image, crediting fellow Instagrammer @nottheworstmom as inspiring the post.

But the couple are facing backlash across social media from many who don’t agree that husbands should only do housework when they expect to get something in return.

Although some of Bri’s followers enjoyed the “joking” image many were less appreciative of the sentiment once it spread to the wider social mediaverse.

Because along with setting a bad example for partnerships, teaching husbands to trade chores for some nookie sets a pretty low standard for men in general.

Maybe not the best thing to encourage?

Though others felt bad marriage advice is just a small part of a much bigger problem with a digital landscape structured around influencers and followers.


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

Matt is a writer, designer, and native New Yorker. He has worked in film, where he enjoyed a brief career as a stand-in for Ian Holm; finance, where he pretended to understand his job, and real estate, where nothing remarkable happened. He writes about science, technology, and media. His work includes magazine articles, one published book, and the looming inevitability of the second.