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Investigators Say NRA’s Shady Business Practices May Cost It Its Tax-Exempt Status


The NRA is fully tax-exempt, a fact that many people don’t know and/or have been confused by for years.

That status may be in danger now thanks to a recent report that found widespread corruption and misuse of funds throughout the organization.

The joint report, released by by The Trace, in conjunction with The New Yorker, has revealed that the NRA regularly pleads with its members for higher and more frequent donations, but they don’t actually need them.

The NRA has claimed major financial losses, but the report lays out in detail how:

“The NRA has willfully obscured where its money goes, permitted multiple conflicts of interest and engaged in dubious payout arrangements.”

After viewing internal documents and state filings, the report found that literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of donations siphoned off and redirected to top NRA executives and vendors.

The report also found that PR agency Ackerman McQueen seems to be the one really running the show. The NRA pays Ackerman McQueen more than $40 million each year.

The report also uncovered major mis-uses of funds. Shannon Watts lays them out beautifully in this series of tweets.


Marc Owens is the former head of the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt organizations. His response to the report is both telling and damning for the NRA.

He told The Trace:

“The litany of red flags is just extraordinary. The materials reflect one of the broadest arrays of likely transgressions that I’ve ever seen.”

“There is a tremendous range of what appears to be the misuse of assets for the benefit of certain vendors and people in control. Those facts, if confirmed, could lead to the revocation of the NRA’s tax-exempt status.”

The report (which you can read in full for yourself here) has tons of people around the world like: 

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In the wake of the report, the organization Everytown has filed an official complaint with the IRS. This complaint may force a formal investigation.

If the IRS finds that the NRA mis-used member donations for the benefit of those at the top, then they are likely to lose their tax-exempt status.

This isn’t the first bit of trouble the NRA has had recently.

In 2017 they claim membership plummeted and that drop left them with a $55 million loss. In 2018 it was found that top NRA officials sought out Sandy Hook hoax believers and tried to get them to cast doubts on the Parkland shooting.

On a personal note as someone who is local to Parkland and lost someone they knew in that shooting, this writer finds that offense particularly repugnant and disgusting. 

Reports indicate that the NRA isn’t likely to survive if it has to pay taxes like everyone else does.

As the report made waves across the internet, people had tons of questions and comments about the situation.

Mostly shock that the NRA is tax-exempt to begin with.

Do you think the NRA deserves to be tax-exempt?

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