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Israel Art Museum’s Statue Of A Crucified Ronald McDonald Sparks Protests From Christians

Nick Laham / Allsport

A statue hanging in the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel has sparked outraged amongst local Christians.

The statue depicts Ronald McDonald hanging on a cross in a matter very reminiscent to that of traditional images of a crucified Jesus Christ.

The artist, Jani Leinonan, meant for the sculpture to serve as commentary on,

“religious systems and the consumer culture.”

However, Israel’s Arab Christian minority find the work offensive.

Wadie Abu Nassar, an adviser to church leaders in Israel, stated,

“We need to understand that freedom of expression is interpreted in different ways in different societies. If this work was directed against non-Christians, the world would be turned upside down.”

People are so angry that they protested outside the Haifa Museum of Art.

The protest started to turn violent, so police used tear gas and stun grenades to break up the demonstration.

“A 32-year-old male arrested and four other men were detained for questioning in a demonstration against the Haifa Museum, protesting a offensive exhibition in the feelings of the Christian public. The police dispersed the demonstration by force, while using stun grenades. In addition, three policemen were wounded in their heads during the demonstration and were evacuated for medical @ treatment.”

NBC News also reported on the incident.

Some people agree with the protesters and think the statue is offensive and should be taken down from the exhibit.

However, others think the commentary is on point.

One person feels as though the message is accurate, but the idol being worshipped should be updated.

Interestingly, the artist himself supports the statue’s removal.

“That annoyed me very much since the exhibit is displayed in the exhibition against my will.”

However, the museum’s director, Nissim Tal has no intention of taking it down. 

“If we take the art down, the next day we’ll have politicians demanding we take other things down, and we’ll end up only with colorful pictures of flowers in the museum.” 


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