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GOP Councilman Taunts Liberals With ‘Coathangers Ready’ Comment

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by the narrowest of margins (50-48) and despite multiple allegations of sexual misconduct has unleashed the fury of women across the country. But the (mis)treatment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and sexual assault survivors in general isn’t the only reason women are angry. With Kavanaugh on the Court, the new conservative majority is poised to do something the Republican Party has been attempting for decades—repeal Roe v. Wade and the federal protection of abortion rights.

Other than Senator Susan Collins, Republicans know this. They’ve been campaigning on it since the Roe v. Wade’s abortion protections became the law of the land. Where they haven’t been able to chip away at federal protections, conservatives have focused their attention at the state and local level. Several Republican-controlled states have already rolled back a woman’s right to have an abortion through onerous regulations. Seven states only have one abortion provider and while the citizens enjoy the right to terminate a pregnancy in those states in theory, hundreds of thousands of women are unable to obtain one in practice.

One of these local-level anti-abortion zealots is Eric Barber, a GOP city councilman in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Barber, who was once arrested for disorderly conduct, decided to post a Facebook comment about the news that Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Friendly Atheist

That’s right, he decided to go with the “LOL women will be forced to perform dangerous DIY abortions when we take their rights away!” joke. Barber made the comment in a Facebook group and quickly deleted it, but not before some of his constituents snagged some screenshots. Naturally, people were pretty angry about this.

A few things. First of all, it’s not just liberals who get abortions, conservatives terminate pregnancies, too. Secondly, criminalizing abortion doesn’t reduce the demand for abortion, just the supply. People are still going to want to terminate pregnancies and they still will. Finally, this demonstrates the cruelty of abortion politics on the right. They know the reality of the situation but they still want to take away abortion rights, not because they think it will end abortion, but because they want to “win” or “beat the libs.”

Abortion has a long history of being performed in cultures throughout the world, changing a law isn’t going to change that. What it will do is force more women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, trap more women in unsafe and unhealthy relationships, prevent more women from taking control of their lives, and, yes, result in more women dying via self-performed or otherwise unsafe abortions.

Also, it’s “your,” you absolute moron.

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