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Tomi Lahren Claims She Saw Someone Do Cocaine ‘Off The Street’ In San Francisco

Republican Fox News commentator (sorry, that’s redundant) Tomi Lahren recently tweeted about going to San Francisco for the first time and seeing a man snorting cocaine “off the street.” She added, “So sad this beautiful place has become such a cesspool. Thanks for nothing, Liberals.”

Um. You’re welcome?

There are so many confusing things about this tweet. First of all, how does one snort coke right off the street? Sidewalks tend to be very porous, not at all the right surface to put a powder on.

Second, if it’s only her first time visiting, how does she know what San Francisco used to be like? It is a beautiful city, but drugs (and homelessness and crime) are certainly nothing new there.

Lastly, what does this have to do with liberals??

As always, people on Twitter jumped at the chance to mock this bleach blonde bobblehead for her inane statements.

A lot of people thought Lahren’s story was totally made up, because of how ridiculous her claim that someone would actually do coke “off the street” is.


Comedy writer Chase Mitchell gathered tweets from two other conservatives, Laura Ingraham, conservative TV and radio host, and Kaitlin Bennett, the 22-year-old who posed with her rifle for her Kent State graduation picture.

In both of the tweets, the women were complaining about some aspect of New York City.

Bennett complained that New York was “so awful” she couldn’t even “protect” herself with her handgun in the “crime-ridden city.”

Ingraham also complained about New York City, complaining about the trash and homelessness, as though these were brand new things that had never affected the city before Mayor DeBlasio.

Have these people never been to cities before? Or seen anyone, even in a movie, do coke? Or ever read the news before a few years ago? The ignorance is shocking. Next she’ll claim she saw someone do the pot off the Golden Gate Bridge.