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John Travolta Has Some Awkward Dad Dance Moves On Stage With 50 Cent At Cannes

John Travolta celebrated the premiere of his new movie, Gotti, at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. When rapper 50 Cent began performing at an after-party, Travolta showed us his dancing prowess, and it was a far cry from the nimble moves he aced in Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

The film version of Gotti tells the story of famed New York City mobster John Gotti and his son. Gotti rose to power as the head of the notorious Gambino crime family, which became the richest and most powerful criminal syndicate on the planet. The family amassed their fortune through various illegal dealings, including racketeering, hijacking, loan sharking, drug trafficking, bookmaking, prostitution, extortion, pornography, murder, and illegal gambling.

At the peak of his power, Gotti oversaw illegal revenues totaling hundreds of millions of dollars that flowed through the Gambino network. Gotti was convicted of five murders, including numbers of other crimes: conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, illegal gambling, extortion, and loansharking. He died of throat cancer in 2002 while serving a life sentence in prison.

50 Cent praised Gotti, tweeting that Travolta “is great in it.”

But it was Travolta’s strange dance floor undulations that stole the spotlight, prompting a frenzied Twitterverse to wonder what was going on.

Travolta used to be so good at dancing. What happened?

Or is he showing us what all of our futures hold? Lordy.

Maybe a pounding bass line would have made things easier?

There’s this alternate theory of high society being totally out there.

Peak Cannes has to be John Travolta and Lala from Vanderpump Rules premiering a gangster movie the studio didn’t even want to release with 50 Cent playing the afterparty.

Or perhaps a glitch in the Matrix?

We think Travolta was channeling Elaine Benes’ famous little kicks. The resemblance is uncanny.


Written by Brandon Gage

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