Babysitter Reveals The Troubling Reason She Never Accepts A Sleeping Child—And It’s A Must-Read

An Imgur user who goes by the name Twatermellon shared with readers the reason behind a strict daycare policy to never receive a sleeping baby. After reading the explanation, it makes perfect sense and we wonder why we never thought of it before.

If you or anyone you know works in childcare, it would be wise to pass along this information. You could save a child — and save yourself. This is also good advice for parents when they pick up their children.


Many people on Facebook took this as sound advice.

Some folks would rather not have anyone watch their kids. 

Others had never thought of this.

People on Imgur were also horrified, and were happy to be informed:

Wow, that is sad but good to know.


I volunteer in my church nursery and we accept sleeping babies, I’ll have to talk to our director about this


Um I think the the thought alone, breaks MY soul


Others have heard of things like this happening before:

Not just drugging, also shaken baby syndrome.


Worse yet, there was a story on the news of a baby who died, parents knew and dropped him off “he’s just sleeping”. Yeah.


A preschool near me got shut down after some of the teachers were caught dosing children with Benadryl and melatonin.


The lesson here is to always be vigilant when caring for children.

H/T: Bored Panda, Imgur


Written by Jonna Ivin

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