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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki Was Trashed For Sharing His Opinion About Our ‘Broken’ Political System

Actor Johnny Galecki, who stars on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, took to Instagram to comment on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the post he wrote: 

No matter what your political opinion/affiliation might be, we must admit that these decisions are not made by “the voice of the people.”

And posted a meme that read:

The 49 Senators who voted ‘No’ on Kavanaugh represent 181.8 million Americans. The 51 Senators who voted ‘Yes’ represent 143.2 million.”

Our political system is broken.

You can see his post below:

His post started a conversation on social media, with some agreeing whole-heartedly:

Others suggested solutions:

But despite Galecki’s making a valid point, the vast majority of responses were critical of the actor.

Some quarreled with the facts he presented:

There were the Trump supporters:

And those who feel the system is working the way it was intended to:


And of course, those who feel that Galecki should stick to acting.

To which one Instagram commenter replied:

And another had Galecki’s back:

Well said.

Guess it’s no mystery why so many celebrities have taken to deleting their Instagram…

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Written by Jonna Ivin

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