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Deadmau5 Apologizes For Using Homophobic and Transphobic Slurs During Twitter Argument

DJ and music producer Deadmau5 has given a kinda-sorta apology after he was called out on Twitter for using “homophobic and transphobic” slurs to clap back at what he perceived as a dig over his costume.

The Canadian DJ, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, didn’t like it when he felt people were making fun of his mouse helmet. On Saturday he lashed out against a fairly benign comment that his neck must get sweaty wearing the mouse head.


Zimmerman responded by saying:

There’s a fan in it. let’s be honest here, there are far worse fates, and if im a betting man, i’ll bet you suck a guy off for 40 grand ZERO f**king questions asked. So don’t talk to me about mouse heads.


Perhaps he was tired and needed a nap.

Some pointed out that maybe the homophobia wasn’t necessary and things escalated from there.

(Screenshot from Twitter)


Twitter was not having it. 

(Screenshot from Twitter: @chipfoxx)

That’s when Zimmerman offered up this apology:

People weren’t feeling the sincerity.

Maybe next time, a more thoughtful apology is in order…or, better yet, he should make sure there isn’t a next time.

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