Video of A Boy With Cerebral Palsy Ice Skating With His Family Just Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

The Sumner family was on vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado, when an employee at a local ice skating rink made their day, not by doing anything spectacular but by being quite ordinary and that made all the difference.

Jamie Sumner and her husband Jody, have a son with cerebral palsy. His name is Charlie, he’s six-years-old and uses a wheelchair to move about. When the family went on a vacation with Charlie and his four-year-old younger siblings, they made sure to plan activities that Charlie could participate in, except one, ice skating.

With the younger children begging to go ice skating, Sumner finally agreed but told Good Morning America

Charlie hiked with us in a hiking backpack, we took the train in Leadville, made sure he got to do everything but the ice skating, that was the one thing I could not think of a way to make work.

While Jody and the twins went out on the ice, Charlie and Jamie were stuck watching from the sidelines until a man known only as Richard, who worked for the rink approached and treated Charlie like any other kid by offering for him to go on the ice.

Sumner says:

Richard came over and said ‘want to take him out on the ice?’ I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t think it was an option. This guy just did it, He did not treat Charlie special. He treated him like everyone else, just the way he did with his brother and sister.

And the results were obvious.

Charlie loved it. He loves to go fast, which he did, he loves to spin around, which he did.


The story warmed the hearts of many. 


The family now plans on going to a local ice skating rink in their hometown in Nashville, Tennessee.

H/T: ABC News, Good Morning America


Written by Jonna Ivin

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