White Woman Calls The Cops On Black Property Developer Inspecting His Own House

It is becoming abundantly clear that white women need to start minding their business and stop calling the police when people of color are going about their day to day lives.

Just this month alone white women have called the police because a black student was sleeping in a common area at Yale, a group of black people was leaving an Airbnb, a black family was barbecuing in a place meant for BBQs, and two teenage Native Americans were on a tour of a college.

Come on now.

The latest display of racism disguised as “concern” came when Michael Hayes was inspecting one of his investment properties in Memphis, Tennessee. A white woman came out of the neighboring house and demanded to know what Hayes was doing. Even though he owed her nothing, Hayes showed the woman his investment contract and a letter from the owner giving him permission to photograph the property in order to sell it to investors.

The woman was having none of it and called the police. Hayes knew he was in the right, and so he waited for the police. He also recorded the encounter and later posted it to YouTube.

When the police arrived they realized Hayes was clearly in the right and told the woman not to bother him. When the woman shouted at Hayes to hurry up and get out, the black female officer let the woman know Hayes didn’t need to rush. Her partner, a white male, added, “He can take all day.”

You can watch it all play out in the video below.

People are really over this nonsense. 

This solution seems perfectly appropriate. 

H/T: The Independent


Written by Jonna Ivin

Jonna Ivin is the founder of STIR Journal and writer of the essay, I Know Why Poor Whites Chant, Trump, Trump, Trump. She has appeared on NPR, OPB, The Roland Martin Show and KCRW. Jonna is the author of the books Will Love For Crumbs, 8th Amendment, and, Sister Girl. Her writing has been featured in Good Magazine, STIR Journal, The Establishment, and xoJane. Twitter @jonnaivin