Woman Opens Up About The Pain Of Skin Removal Surgery After Losing 350 lbs.

Jacqueline Adan Instagram

Instagram user, Jacqueline Adan recently talked to People Magazine about her skin removal surgery after a significant weight loss.

Adan began her journey four years ago and in that time she lost 350lbs. However she was left with an excess of skin that caused Adan to doubt her incredible achievement.

Adan opened up about the decision, saying:

When I got down to my lowest weight and had all that loose skin I was still being made fun of, and when I looked in the mirror it was hard to see anything but all this extra skin. You still feel fat and you still can’t fit into clothes because the skin won’t fit. I felt proud of myself and I knew I had lost 350 lbs., but when I looked in the mirror I saw my body completely differently. It was hard to see anything but that same, overweight girl.”

Adan, who is a pre-school teacher as well as a blogger, journaled her experience online to share her story with others.

With over 107,000 followers on Instagram, it certainly seems she is doing just that.


I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and see no changes. To become a victim to the scale. I know what it’s like to hate my body. To feel discouraged, out of hope and that I have truly reached rock bottom and I do not have the strength to keep fighting. I know what that feels like. . But I also know how to keep the faith. I also know that if you stay focused, motivated and REFUSE to give up what can happen. I know what It feels like to finally decide that I DO love myself and that I am so worthy of that love. I know that I am not a number, and I am more than the size of my cloths and that no matter how big of a mountain I may need to climb, that I CAN reach the top! . That is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. It doesn’t mean those who succeed never struggle or have challenges. You have the power. You are in control and when you refuse to give up and continue to stand back up every time you fall down and always believe that anything is possible! It all begins with believing in yourself, never giving up and most importantly loving who you are! . . . . #selflove #bodyposi #bodylove #lovemyshape #transformation #nevergiveup #believeinyourself #extremeweightloss #skinremoval #mysf #weightlosssuccess #weightlosssupport #effyourbeautystandards #bestself #perfectlyimperfect #bodybuildingcom #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #obesetobeast #workforchange #sweatforchange

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In 2016, Adan began the long and painful process of surgically removing her excess skin. Keeping true to her mission to help others, she continued to share her story on social media.

After multiple surgeries, it’s still hard to get through the pain.

People don’t fully understand what goes into this process. They think it’s just cosmetic, and it’s hard for me to hear that. I think because I had so much weight taken off my legs during the surgery, and because I had back to back surgeries, my body didn’t react well this time. I dealt with a lot of swelling, and my body is hanging on to a lot of fluid.


During my weight loss, people saw what was hanging on the outside. They saw how I was losing weight. What they did not see is how much I struggled with my own self-worth, and self-image.  They could not see that I was letting the number on the scale define me as a person. They did not see the pounds of loose skin that covered my body and how much that loose skin affected me both physically and mentally.  They cannot see from the outside how much hard work I put in to actually change my life and actually love and feel happy in my own body, in my own skin. They could not see my self-love journey that I have fought so hard for.  I have fought harder to love myself even more than my weight loss. The bottom line is that you never know what someone else is going through just by looking at them from the outside. I definitely feel like there needs to be more of an awareness of mental health issues and that mental health needs to be talked about more openly.  I have even had a doctor tell me that my mental health did not matter to her!!! That is why it is so important to never give up yourself. We must remember that no matter what you are going through that you are enough.  We must remember that it is ok to ask for help…it is ok to have struggles and challenges and to find it hard to love yourself. Those feelings are ok!! It’s how we rise above those feelings and overcome those challenges that matter. When we never quit and never stop trying…that is what matters so much more than the challenges!  On the days when we feel like we can’t go on, don’t have any more to give and are tired of fighting. That is when we must ask for help. Lean on others to help us until we are strong enough to carry on. We need to allow ourselves to rest, but never ever give up! Remember you never know what someone is truly going through on the inside. Always spread love and kindness. Always lend a helping hand. Be there for others. And remember to always take care of YOU!!!#selflove #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #spreadlove #bodypositive

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Adan was open enough to share photos of what her excess skin looked like, something people who have never been through extreme weight loss don’t understand is an issue.

It’s also something people who have been through the weight loss process often hide out of embarrassment or fear of being ridiculed. Adan can relate as she actually experienced being publicly mocked on a vacation in Mexico.


#tbt Disclaimer- this is not me now! I wanted to share this photo again to talk a little bit about my #selflovejourney. For me, it actually took me getting made fun of at the pool in Mexico to fully realize just how important #selflove is. This vacation was the first time I would be wearing a bathing suit in…a very long time. I had lost over 350 pounds, had 2 #skinremoval surgeries and I told myself that I would be brave enough to wear a bathing suit without a cover up. As soon as I took my cover up off and started walking towards the pool, a couple started pointing and laughing at me and putting me and my body down… I froze. In that moment I had 2 choices. 1-I could go running to put my cover up back on and go cry in the bathroom 2-get into the pool. I chose option 2. At that moment I never felt more alive. I was proud of my #hardwork and I was not going to let the opinions of others stop me from living my life. They did not know what I had been through and they do not know what I am going through. They have no right to judge me or laugh at me. So I smiled as I walked past them and got in the pool. I did not allow them to have the power. I had the power. I know how hard I worked to get to this exact moment and no one was ever going to have that power over me again. Yes it hurts, but that does not define me. So…you might be thinking that is great but how does that help me. Well, once I realized that I was the one in control- to #loseweight, make my own choices and decisions, what I feel and say about myself and how I treat others, it was so much easier for me to hold onto that power and just focus on me. No one knows what you are going through. They may have their opinions and judgements and of course they will have their comments, but no matter what, people are always going to have their opinions. You can never please everyone. So stop trying! If you are #happy, and you are making the best choices for you, that is all that matters. If not, you have the power to change it. #nevergiveup on loving yourself. No matter how hard it may seem. Own who you are, and never let anyone take that power away from you!!! #bodypositive #bodyconfidence

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It’s a long and difficult path but Adan seems to be overcoming day by day. 


I have a confession to make and I finally feel ready to really get very personal with you guys… well even more personal ? I have been dealing with a lot over this past year and it wasn’t until recently where I finally figured out what it was. I have felt “off” and really struggling mentally again with my body image and weight. More specifically with food. I have been struggling deep down inside for so long, and when times got really bad…no one really noticed anything was going on. I would tell people, I feel “fat” again or “I am gaining weight.” Everyone thought I was crazy for thinking that or asking that. They said I was fine! Heck, I even felt crazy since the number on the scale was not really changing over the past year. But I did not feel right. Finally, after struggling with this for so long and going to therapy, I finally figured out what was going on. I am a binge eater. Yes, I said it. I AM a binge eater….not was…am. This is something that I am currently working on and now that I can finally pinpoint it and give it a name…I can move forward and conquer this. I am definitely going to be sharing my journey of overcoming this! In the meantime, if you want to read more about my binge eating disorder and how I was finally able to admit to not only myself but to everyone around me, please go check out the article that I did with @people. http://bit.ly/people-article-binge-eating Remember…you are not your disease and your disease is not you! You have the power to overcome any challenges you are facing and together, we can overcome anything!!! I want to thank each and every one of you for the constant love and support you always show me and just know that this little “setback” is not going to bring me down. It will only continue to help me move forward, and in turn hopefully, help others who are struggling with eating disorders as well.  I want everyone to know you are not alone and we CAN and WILL overcome it!! Love you all so much!! There is also a direct link to the article in link my profile! Thank you so much @people for helping me bring light, love, and awareness to this topic!

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And she shares her triumphs and failures with her followers.


Happy Saturday loves!! So I wanted to share a little #nsv with you guys today! Remember, transformation is just not about the number on the scale changing, but the changes that happen inside of you! For the longest time I NEVER wore jeans. EVER! Not only was it hard to find a pair that fit, but I was just so self conscious in them and did not like to draw any sort of attention to my legs. Not only now do I rock jeans and not even care, but I bought my first pair of really distressed jeans from @express and I love them! I almost did not get them because my loose skin kinda hangs out of the hole. But I decided that I don’t even care. I feel confident, I am rocking jeans, and I loved these jeans so why wouldn’t I buy them!? Sometimes the opinions of others can stop us from doing a lot of things. I am going to start listening to myself and how I feel and what makes me feel happy and confident. I am going to try and listen to that voice more. Boyfriend cut distressed jeans with flowers on them? Yes please! Comment down below a non-scale victory you have had recently or your favorites place to buy jeans! I want to hear!!! . . ps, I find that boyfriend cut jeans fit my legs so well!! So if you are having a hard time finding jeans to fit… check out a wide cut or boyfriend cut! ? these jeans and everything else in this outfit also go up to a size 18!! You can get all of the outfit details and info on how to shop this whole look using the @liketoknow.it app, this direct link http://liketk.it/2waSZ or the shop my looks link in my bio or on my blog. #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKshoecrush #LTKcurves #expresslife #expressrules #expressu #nonscalevictory #sanfranciscoblogger #mysf #plussizefashion #curvyblogger

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Her positive messages are inspiring to her followers who share their feelings with her in the comments on her posts. 

Jacqueline Adan Instagram

Jacqueline Adan Instagram

Jacqueline Adan Instagram

After Adan shared her story in people, others could relate to the physical pain of the skin removal process.

And were happy to celebrate her accomplishments.

H/T: People Magazine


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