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Just Watching This Plane’s Insane ‘Roller Coaster’ Landing Attempt Makes Us Want To Barf


Aviophobia is a fear of flying.

While it feels perfectly natural, as man was not built to grace the skies, it is also unfounded as airplanes are statistically the safest way to travel.

But who can think about all that when your plane is swaying like a drunk at a party‽

Watch this video of a British Airways flight from London to Gibraltar that had to be diverted to Malaga, Spain for obvious reasons.

Yeah, I cannot wait to get on a plane.

Those reasons are flying can be unbelievably scary and we don’t want to die.

Passengers interviewed seemed to fear for their lives while the plane was wobbling.

Local businessman, Ramesh Samtani, painted a picture of despair, saying:

“As we approached the Rock, I could not see any clouds but the flight took a little dip and all of a sudden it was like it was out of control.”

“The plane was swinging from left to right and all you could hear were people shouting and screaming.”

“It was very scary and people were shouting ‘Oh my god’ and praying.”

Oh hell no.

However, the Instagram video above paints a different picture.

Kristis Bubnelis who posted the first video to his Instagram says:

“There was not a single cry, there were no screams. I was in seat 16C, all I heard was laughter from my fellow teammates about how much the flight resembled a roller coaster.”

That is one insane roller coaster, especially when seen from outside the plane.

The video was shared with the Gibraltar Chronicle by an unnamed man, who said:

“Being where we are we see a lot of the landings, but never one as rough as that.”

Watching from the outside, it almost feels unreal.

While this flight was pretty exceptional, it’s less so than you might think. Gibraltar’s high winds have nothing on the international airport’s runway set-up.

The main runway is also the main road in town, meaning traffic has to wait for flights to land and unaware passengers might think they’re crashing into the city.

The “statistically safest way to travel” label may be technically correct, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also nauseating.

I recommend knowing what you’re in for if you take a plane to Gibraltar.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.