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‘Karen’ Tells Asian Woman And Her Young Daughter To ‘Go Back To China’ In Racist And Homophobic Rant


A video of an Asian woman and her 10-year-old daughter being told by a White woman to “go back to China” has gone viral.

The antagonistic woman is now being dubbed as a “Racist Karen” on social media.

The Asian mother from Fremont, California, told ABC 7 she wished to be identified only by her first name – Theresa – and wished to remain visibly anonymous in the interview for her safety.

Theresa told the news outlet the initial encounter with the neighbor seemed harmless.

“When she first introduced herself I said ‘oh, it’s so lovely to meet you.'”

But the pleasantries ended there.

The woman began asking invasive questions, like:

“Whether or not I was a renter. She even told me how much my house cost.”

The conversation quickly devolved into a racist rant, with the woman ordering Theresa to:

“Go back to China!”

Theresa and her daughter are of Asian descent but are not Chinese, which exposed the woman’s anti-Asian racist tendencies.

The video of the confrontation began with the woman charging towards Theresa and her daughter with her cellphone out and repeatedly yelling the xenophobic directive.

At one point, Theresa calmly told the woman to “please stay back” because she didn’t wear a mask.

The woman then hurled homophobic slurs at the young daughter.

You can watch a video of the news report here.

When asked how Theresa was able to maintain her composure during the aggressive encounter, she expressed wanting to set a good example for her daughter.

Fremont police are familiar with the aggressive woman as multiple complaints about her were previously reported.

They added the incident cannot be categorized as a hate crime because neither threats were made nor were violent acts committed.

But people who were disgusted after watching the video disagreed and believed the verbal assault should still be considered a hate crime.

People supported Theresa and were impressed with her calm demeanor.


People of Asian descent began experiencing increased discrimination and are erroneously being blamed for the pandemic.

Some anti-Asian harassments have resulted in physical violence.

Following the incident, Theresa encouraged others who were victims of discrimination to start a dialogue and come forward with their stories.

“We should have a productive and positive conversation about what’s going on so we can facilitate change.”

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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