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Attractive Man Who Stood Outside With A Lost Dog Got More Attention Than He Bargained For

Lyndsay Tapases/Twitter

A hot guy trying to reunite a lost dog with its owner is drawing some unexpected attention from the ladies.

40-year-old Jason Gasparik saved the chocolate lab after she was found running through a busy road in Charlotte, North Carolina. During his heroic and selfless effort to reunite ‘Roxy’ with her family, Gasparik stood on a street corner holding a cardboard sign for three hours.

Jason’s simple sign read:

“Do you know this lost dog????”

…with arrows pointing to Roxy.

According to People, local photographer Eben Adrian stumbled upon the scene and shared a photo of Jason and Roxy on the sidewalk that went viral.

Thanks to the heartwarming image blowing up on social media, Roxy and her senior citizen owner were eventually reunited.


Social media has a pretty bad reputation, but this time, it saved the day.

Gasparik, who’s recently single, told People that he’s getting serious attention from random women after saving Roxy — but also said he’s taking it slow:

“One lady offered to shelter us both! I’m still trying to digest everything. It was a whirlwind of a weekend. It was pretty cool to see the power of social media.”

He added:

“So often it’s so much bad stuff and in this case it was such a positive thing. It was so nice to see how many people were so willing to help find Roxy’s owner.”

People on social media are totally smitten with Jason’s heroic efforts.

Plenty of women are lining up for a date with Roxy’s rescuer.

Jason also took to Twitter while trying to reunite Roxy with her family.

Here’s a brief recap of his journey to save the lost lab: 

Honestly, it’s so refreshing to see social media used for the power of good.

Oh, and Jason plans to visit Roxy and give her plenty of walkies in the future.


Written by Kit Duggan

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