Bruce Springsteen Opens Up About His Struggle With Depression

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Rock-and-roll legend Bruce Springsteen recently said he sometimes feels like an “empty vessel” while opening up about his stressful childhood and lifelong battle with mental illness.

Springsteen is known for his cheerful and upbeat music, but recently let his guard down during an intimate profile with Esquire. “The Boss” acknowledges that he hasn’t always taken care of himself properly, self-medicating with drinking and isolation.

“As we age, the weight of our unsorted baggage becomes heavier,” said Springsteen. 

Springsteen claims depression runs in his family, and speaks openly about being abused and neglected by his depressive father. He goes on to admit that he didn’t start addressing these layers of trauma until his 40s. From the sound of it, Springsteen is still battling every day.

Fans are proud of Bruce for speaking out about his deep struggle.

Lots of folks are relating hard to Springsteen’s comments about depression.

On the bright side, Springsteen is releasing his one-man Broadway show on Netflix!

If you’re struggling and need emotional support, don’t be afraid to reach out! We hope Springsteen’s bravery inspires others to face their demons and seek help.

H/T: Esquire, ABC News


Written by Kit Duggan

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