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Vandals Who Were Caught On Camera Smashing Little Boys’ Pumpkins Have Been Identified

A pumpkin smashing fraternity member in Kansas was recently caught vandalizing a Halloween display made by children.

Looks like the Grinch switched holidays!

His act of destruction was recorded on the family’s doorstep camera. Now the children’s father is demanding an apology.

Those poor pumpkins. RIP.

According to the father Chris Leiszler, his family’s home is regularly vandalized during the Halloween season. Apparently local fraternities from Kansas University do this to initiate new members.

Not cool! 

Leiszler posted this photo of his kids in response.

Chris Leiszler/Facebook

Once Leiszler identified the vandal and his two accomplices, he posted again on Facebook.

He gave the vandals first name and the name of his fraternity.

Chris Leiszler/Facebook

The children’s father asked people to suggest a community service project for the vandals.

People came through with plenty of suggestions. 

Others were simply outraged at the childish prank from the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

But this story has a somewhat happy ending!

A few days after the vandals were tracked down, they visited Leiszler’s boys. They apologized, even bringing along candy to sweeten the deal.

In memory of the pumpkins destroyed by Delta Tau Delta, here are some epic carvings from around the world!

H/T: Chris Leiszler, CafeMom


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