‘Klanboy’ Threatens Protesters And Says They Won’t Figure Out Who He Is—And He’s Identified In Seconds


As protests and racially charged incidents in public spaces have continued in cities and towns all over the country for centuries now, one thing has been made clear in the modern era.

If you take your racism public, the internet will eventually figure out who you are and make you infamous.

But an activist in Texas, Jessica Luther Rummel, recently turned “eventually” into “instantaneously” when she turned her Facebook Live camera onto a counter-protester cockily insisting she’ll never figure out who he is.

People identified him within literal seconds.

Rummel uploaded video of the encounter to her TikTok account.

@kali_ma_txDOXXED LIVE 🔥 Devouring Ku Klux Konfedweate Egos one small North Texas Town at a time. ##gamiesvilletx ##blm ##blmtx ##antifacist ##protest2020♬ original sound – kali_ma_tx

The video was taken by Rummel at a protest against Confederate statues in the town of Gainesville, Texas on July 1, 2020.

In the video, Rummel is heard talking to what she calls a “21st Century Klanboy” who she said was threatening people of color and allies protesting alongside them.

The man—later identified as Ronnie Horner Jr.—defiantly stares Rummel down as she narrates her video.

“He’s not gonna tell me his name. But that’s okay, we’ll figure it out.”

The man then says something that is difficult to hear, but Redditors in the PublicFreakout subReddit, where the video also appeared, identified the man’s words as:

“You won’t figure out who I am.” 

That turns out to be a profoundly premature declaration.

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Rummel’s Facebook audience does just that.

“Oh you bet your a*s we will… Isn’t it Rodney?…”

“Rodney, isn’t that right? Look at that, you’re already famous!”

Horner tries to play it off, mockingly winking at the camera and staring her down.

But he becomes visibly uncomfortable as Rummel continues speaking.

“You’re gonna be real famous, just wait. I can wink too sweetheart…”

“You wanna stand out here and make threats big boy, does that make you feel good? Go ahead, make some more threats.”

Horner then turns from Rummel’s camera before he quickly hustles away.

Moments later, Rummel’s Facebook commenters clarified the man’s full name is Ronnie Horner Jr.

Mollee Ann/Facebook

According to a Redditor who claimed to know Rummel personally, Horner was fired from his job the following day.

“Rodney has since lost his job as a bartender at a casino, btw…” —wilma316

Other Redditors were simply in awe of the quickness with which Horner’s bravado crumbled.

“Rodney’s demeanor changed real quick.” —IMNO-LEGEND

“Those shoulders went from up and proud to slumped and depressed as if saying his name aloud magically hurt him. His body language told that story.” —matt_minderbinder

“It’s crazy to think how much has changed with smart phones. Accountability not just for authority figures but citizens too. Nothing like being a sh*t head and everyone knowing it by just Googling your name…” —Razulghul

“The best part was watching him try to regroup ‘be brave! Use emojis! Try to smirk!'” —Tahdgdagis

“Lol it’s like how you have to name the demon to get rid of it” —_taromilktea

“Not just his facial expression, his entire posture went from kind of defensive to semi-relaxed and to me he looked unsure, then he switched to nervous smiling and ultimately bailed out. Caught off guard for sure.” —PetRiLJoe

“His face when she said his name was exquisite agony…” —zigazigazah

“They’re all larpers pretending to be armyboi. Its funny because they are the ones saying they’d fight the government if it ever overstepped its bounds, thats what all their guns are for they say.”

“And yet who is out fihgting the government right now? Liberals. These idiots are all full of sh*t and huge pu*sies.” —Bad-Association

“I am her fan. The way she talked to that guy was beautiful to me…” —bohrmachine

“The power of the internet is strong! The way his demeanor changed in an instant.”   —Jackg4te

Let this be a lesson to all the cocky racists out there.

Underestimate the power of the internet at your own risk.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article identified Ronnie Horner, Jr. as a ‘Klan member’ based on the video’s identification of him. As we do not have confirmation of whether Horner is a member of the KKK or not, we have changed it to simply referring to him as ‘Klanboy’ as he is referred in the video.

John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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