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Houston Couple Says They Were Forced To Sit In Vomit-Covered Seats On United Flight

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Can plane passengers order water with one-part distilled white vinegar with a splash of dishwashing liquid from the beverage cart?

Sam Trail—who was on United Flight 2057—may as well have. A flight attendant told him to clean up his seat soaked with vomit from a previous passenger.

Traveling can be stressful, but no one should have to suffer what Trail and his wife had to endure on their flight home to Houston on Sunday.

He noticed his seat and the back of the seat in front of him was practically dripping with puke.

Trail told Click2Houston:

“The seat in front of me was covered with vomit. They kept boarding the people and so we couldn’t move. We basically had our luggage in our laps trying to avoid contact with the vomit.”

Since the flight crew was more concerned about the departure time, Trail’s legitimate concern had to take a backseat.

He added:

“I was told, ‘Oh, yeah, we can get a cleaning crew, but you’re going to be the reason this flight is delayed.'”

By the way, here are some paper towels for convenience.

Trail was told to wipe down his seat before a cleaner came with a spray bottle and towel.

Even then, the cleaner barely did a thorough job.

“There’s gotta be some limitations. I mean you have to provide a sanitary environment and there should be an apology.” 

United issued the following statement expressing their regrets.

“We’re disappointed that this aircraft did not meet our standards for cleanliness. Once the issue was brought to our crew’s attention, cabin cleaners were called on board to clean the seat prior to departure.”

Previous jet-setters familiar with the beleaguered airline’s customer service gave a united front.

When United reached out to Trail, he asked for an apology.

Based on an eyewitness—a fellow passenger supposedly aboard the same flight—the pilot met Trail’s demand.

United isn’t the only airline that provided unsanitary travel conditions.

Back in April, Rosetta Swinney, 53, was kicked off a Frontier airlines aircraft after complaining about barf in her seat to a flight attendant who allegedly told her it wasn’t her job to clean up the mess.

When did the standards for flying in economy take a nosedive?

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Written by Koh Mochizuki

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