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School Officer Placed On Leave After Video Shows Him Repeatedly Body-Slamming Middle Schooler To The Ground

CBS 17/YouTube

WARNING: The video within this article contains graphic footage of assault on a minor

Vance County Schools in North Carolina filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office on Friday after a student from Vance County Middle School was body-slammed while walking down the hallway.

But his physical attacker was not a fellow student.

Instead, the perpetrator was a school resource officer (SRO).

You can see the disturbing footage here.

SROs are law enforcement officers who work with administrative and security staff at elementary, middle and high schools to ensure the safety of students and staff. But someone assumed to protect the children while at school appears to have committed a major violation of that trust by assaulting him.

This incident is one of several where students, parents and even school staff are calling out SROs for using excessive force against students.

A surveillance camera caught the sheriff’s deputy walking the juvenile—described by news outlets to be under the age of 12—and suddenly picking him up and throwing him against the wall and on the floor, more than once, before dragging him down the hall.

The footage was obtained by CBS 17.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is now looking into the shocking incident.

When reviewing the horrific footage, Vance County Sheriff Curtis Brame said they were “stunned” and “shocked.”

“We all are parents and grandparents that have children at that same age, so it brought some great concern to us.”

The unnamed SRO has been placed on paid leave while the investigation is pending.

The public was infuriated after learning of the cop’s light punishment.

Some expressed opposition to employing police as a disciplinary tactic for students.


WNCN obtained a statement from the school district, expressing their concern for the violence that transpired at the middle school.

“I don’t expect my deputy or any deputy or law enforcement in North Carolina to carry out their duties in that way. The safety of our students has been and continues to be of the utmost importance to our district.”

Vance County District Attorney Mike Waters said that the extent of the boy’s injuries could determine the charges.

“When the collection of evidence is over, whether it’s some time early next week, or sometime thereafter, we will promptly make a decision about what is appropriate to do in this case,”

The boy’s father told CBS 17 he was recovering at home, and his sister confirmed her brother will be OK.

The student may be not have sustained significant injuries, but the emotional scars from the traumatic incident may never be forgotten.


Written by Koh Mochizuki

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