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Rugby Star Speaks Out About Being ‘Ashamed’ After He Was Tricked Into Doing A Gay Sex Video When He Was Younger

Pressuring and deceiving someone into committing a sex act they would not normally commit is unconscionable—and in many places illegal.

We hear about it in the media.

The “casting couch” is a prime example. The #MeToo movement saw a horrific number of victims of this sort of pressure, deception and exploitation.

It can also be a storyline used in adult entertainment operations. But are these staged fantasies or are unethical operations truly deceiving unwilling victims in these videos?

Star Rugby player, Kurt Capewell, recently claimed years ago he was a victim of a predatory adult entertainment company. He is speaking out now because footage has gone public.

It is a story he said was never hidden from family or close friends.

In 2013, Capewell was—in his own words—“young and naive.” He was an athlete just starting out and still needed to work other jobs to make ends meet.

He responded to an ad seeking models for a men’s sport clothing and underwear company. Capewell said the photoshoot originally began as men’s sportswear and underwear as agreed to, but the photographer soon asked him to pose for nude shots.

He had not been notified ahead of time, but needed the money, so he went with it. The nude shoot continued until eventually he was pressured to shoot “a quick porn video.”

He explained:

“I was young and naive.”

“The organizer used inducements and extra money for being involved in the adult film.”

The already uncomfortable incident took an even worse turn, Capewell claimed. After speaking with producers, he agreed to the shoot and signed release papers.

He was taken to a “glory hole” set for the shoot. There, he was told a woman on the other side waited to fellate him.

After the scene was shot, he discovered the other performer in the scene was a man. Kurt Capewell, who identifies as straight, alleged he was lied to and tricked into performing the sex act with a man.

Feeling as if he had no recourse since he signed the release papers and footage was already captured, Capewell chose to try and put the whole incident behind him. He said he told his loved ones and others he felt needed to know at the time.

According to Capewell, he told them because he was worried the footage would resurface one day—and it has.

Police launched an investigation last year after stills were offered for sale. It didn’t take long before they ended up online.

Capewell then explained the events of that day in a group text to his teammates.

It read, in part:

“I’m terribly embarrassed and ashamed, even thought it happened when I was so young.”

“It’s something I’ve been dealing with for the past eight years behind closed doors and I know you will all have my back and stand by me moving forward.”

He’s found lots of love and support online.





However, there are people who suspect the “I was tricked” defense was invented.

Stills from the video suggest the “wall” Capewell described could easily be seen over. People who watched it claim there is footage of Capewell showering intimately with men without any wall or other barrier between them.

Rather than admit “gay for pay” sex work in his past—which is not shameful according to these critics—they accused Capewell of creating a story where gay men are cast as predators who trick straight men for sex. They cited information provided by the porn company that produced the video.

They feel the purported “cover story” is homophobic.




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Whatever the truth is, it’s clear Capewell would rather the video not be in circulation. It remains to be seen whether he will attempt any legal recourse over it.

Erica Diaz

Written by Erica Diaz

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