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Kuwaiti Makeup Artist Faces Backlash For Refusing To Take Down Blackface Pics On Instagram


An Instagram influencer from Kuwait named Ghadeer Sultan has become the target of extensive online backlash this past week following her choice to pose in blackface.

Further backlash came after her refusal to remove the pictures from her account.

Sultan has 2 million followers who often look to her for beauty advice.

Here is what Sultan usually looks like in her makeover photos.

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Good night 🌙

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But Sultan made a drastic misjudgment when she decided to do a cover of the 2010 “We Are The World” video.

The song which raised funds for famine relief in Africa featured many prominent musicians of different ethnicities. 

In her video, Sultan donned blackface when impersonating the black musicians.

Many of Sultan’s followers quickly called her out, saying that her message may have been well-intentioned, but that wearing blackface is inherently racist behavior.

She responded by posting two more still photos of herself in blackface, along with the caption:

“I am not racist .. I hate racism. What I’ve done is only to show what i am capable of… I love you all.”

“Life is meant for living… living with love and passion for every one without thinking of what they are could really change your life …. Think 2020 and live with passion for all peoples.”

As the internet demanded Sultan remove the pictures of herself in blackface, she continued posting photos of the coverage she was receiving.

On social media, people were frank in their denouncement of Sultan’s behavior.

Others found it even more surprising she refused to take the pictures down.

It almost seems like she delights in the negative attention she’s receiving.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this entire ordeal has been Sultan’s insistence that wearing blackface is helping cure the world of racism.

Maybe, if the world is very lucky, Sultan will learn something.


Written by Collin Gossel

Collin Gossel is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn, New York, but there are nights when he looks up at the stars and wistfully thinks to himself “there’s got to be more out there…” You can catch Collin improvising new musicals every Tuesday night at the Magnet Theater’s Musical Megawatt, or follow his unfiltered thoughts on Twitter and Instagram @CollinGossel.--