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LA Deputies Detain Three Black Teens At Gunpoint During 911 Response Despite Witnesses Insisting That They Were The Victims


A shocking new viral video shows Los Angeles deputies holding three Black teens at gunpoint with an assault rifle, despite the fact that they were the victims of the crime for which the deputies were called.

The video shows a deputy aiming an assault rifle at the teens and refusing to listen to a group of bystanders attempting to intervene, one of whom is the woman who called the police for the teens.

Warning: This video contains profanity.

The incident occurred in Santa Clarita, California, a suburb northwest of Los Angeles, after the three Black teens were threatened by a homeless man with a knife.

Throughout the video a crowd of bystanders repeatedly yells at the deputies that the teens are the victims in the situation, not the aggressors.

The only response they receive is from the deputy holding the assault rifle:

“Get away from me! Get away from me! Back up!”

A woman who identifies herself as the manager of a nearby restaurant who witnessed the encounter and called 911 for the teens repeatedly tries to talk with the deputies, but they ignore her.

At several points a woman in the crowd, who seems to be the one filming the encounter, can be heard saying:

“They don’t care because they Black… Those kids didn’t do nothing at all!”

The teens never resist or move throughout the encounter.

Speaking to HuffPost, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that the teens were handcuffed, detained, and questioned, then released.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva released a video statement in the wake of the incident, saying that he was “concerned” about the tactics involved and that the matter is under investigation.

He gave no further details or information.

Speaking to local paper The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth called for one of the deputy’s removal.

“I think anyone who saw the video would find it concerning, and it’s appropriate for the city to ask for an immediate investigation and to ask for a deputy to be removed from the field while the investigation occurs.”

On Twitter, people were appalled by the video and the way the Sheriff’s handled the call.


The Sheriff’s office told The Santa Clarita Valley Signal that a witness also called to report an assault with a skateboard, but no victim was found and no crime committed.

A rally was later held at the intersection where the incident occurred, to protest the way the Sheriff’s Department handled the call.

John Sundholm

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