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Lil Nas X Claps Back After Rightwing Site Accuses Him Of ‘Taunting’ Pro-Lifers With Gay Abortion Joke

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Lil Nas X—one of the most popular rappers and most visible queer rappers—recently became a target on social media for conservatives.


Taking questions via his Instagram stories, Lil Nas X created a conversation in answering these questions where he played both his outer voice and his inner feelings. The outer voice looked like just a normal video response while his inner feelings had darker lighting and a distinct voice.

When he got the question “I think I’m pregnant…” he followed through with this style of response.

You can watch here:

Pro-life right-wing social media folks were all over this almost immediately. Lil Nas X made news across the internet for the joke response from his inner voice.

But he shut it all down rather quickly.

He pointed out:

“The ‘pregnant fan’ was a boy on my instagram making a joke about him being pregnant u losers.”

Still, conservative news outlets came after him.

The Daily Wire said:

“Nas is certainly without respect for the pro-life community.”

The joke seemed to be lost on right-wingers altogether.

Breitbart also wrote an article, to which Nas responded visually.

His whipping and nene-ing response got kudos from folks who got it.

Lil Nas X may be annoyed, but at the end of the day, he was joking with a male fan.

You either get the joke, or you don’t.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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